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Learning to become an effective leader


"Practice is the hardest part of learning. Training is the essence of transformation."

- Ann Voskamp, Canadian author


Acquiring leadership knowledge and skills through training allows students to be better equipped to gain greater self-awareness, strengthen personal effectiveness and serve and lead others more effectively.

The LEAD Academy extends training opportunities to leaders who are interested to hone their leadership skills, through both workshops and credit-bearing modules. Student leaders interested to attend these workshops may contact the Office of Student Life for more details.

LEAD Academy Student Leaders are encouraged to attend the following key workshops that have been intentionally designed to develop foundational leadership skills.

Workshop NameLearning OutcomeMode of Delivery & Hours
StrengthsFinder WorkshopStrengths Finder

Discover your strengths and how to leverage your team member's strengths for higher team performance

  • Know your top 5 strengths through the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment tool
  • Recognize the unique but different talents of others
  • Discover ways to apply the strengths of individuals and others to perform
  • Adopting a strengths-based approach to leadership

Face to Face/Virtual
(3 hours)

Facilitation 101 WorkshopFacilitation 101

Learn to build inclusive teams and facilitate meetings effectively

  • Employ facilitation techniques to create inclusive teams
  • Understand key attributes of facilitative leadership
  • Draw out others' opinions in an objective and non-judgmental manner
  • Apply facilitation techniques to distil key learning points from group reflection and debrief sessions
  • Practice facilitation through interactive play and experimentation
  • Face to Face Facilitation (4 hours)
  • Virtual Facilitation (3 hours)
  • Blended Training - Face to Face (3 hours) + Virtual (2 hours)
Adaptive Leadership WorkshopAdaptive Leadership

Develop your personal leadership style and more effectively lead others

  • Discover individual personal narratives via social-emotional learning
  • Understand what it means to be a good leader
  • Develop a personal leadership style (with emphasis on models aligned with SUSS Mission such as Situational Leadership, Servant Leadership or Social Change model of leadership)
Face to Face (2 days)
Assertiveness WorkshopAssertiveness

Be a better communicator by learning skills to respond more assertively

  • Distinguish between different behavioural and communication styles
  • Describe the impact different communication styles can have on ourselves and others
  • Find ways to overcome barriers in becoming more assertive

    Face to Face/Virtual
    (2 hours)

    Conflict Resolution WorkshopConflict Resolution

    Be empowered to address conflict in a diplomatic manner

    • Identify factors contributing to conflict
    • Appraise your own conflict management style
    • Gain insights on how to manage conflicts through a variety of conflict management strategies

    Face to Face/Virtual
    (2 hours)

    Resilience WorkshopResilience

    Learn to build resilience and thrive amidst adversity

    • Understand the major sources of adversity and how it affects us
    • Apply cognitive reframing and action-oriented problems to cope with adversity

    Face to Face/Virtual
    (2.5 hours)

    You may email the Office of Student Life to request for a customized Strengths Finder or Facilitation Skills workshop if you have a group of at least 15 students.

    Suggested Training Roadmap for Student Leaders

    Depending on the leadership platform, student leaders undergo a customised training programme that provides them with additional foundational skills they need along their leadership journey.

    Note: The list below is non-exhaustive and are examples of other workshops students undergo to develop essential skills and knowledge.

    Interest Group EXCO
    • Fundraising and Sponsorship Workshop
    • Run it like a CEO Workshop
    • Advanced RAMS Workshop
    • Care for Life Workshop
    • Sounds of Listening (SOL) Workshop
    • Trauma Care workshop
    • Health Promotional Board Peer supporters Workshops
    • Caregiver's Alliance Limited Young Caregivers Workshop
    • Samaritans of Singapore #ChatSafe Workshop
    ETB Student Leader
    • First Responder Training
    • Relationship Management
    XL121 Student Leader
    • Conflict Management Workshop
    • Resilience Workshop
    • Caregiver's Alliance Limited Assertiveness Workshop

    Curated by the Office of Service-Learning & Community Engagement, the Learn to Serve Workshop series support learners in their service-learning and community engagement journey.

    See the full course catalogue here.

    Elective Courses

    *Credit-bearing modules are open to all students.
    Module Details
    OST161 Lead and Influence

    2.5 cu

    Good leadership requires an individual to communicate effectively, respond to the needs of others, and influence their behaviours in order to achieve common goals and manifest a shared vision. This module aims to enhance students’ practice of good leadership and equip them with the necessary skills to grow their leadership competencies.

    Students will engage in the Experiential Learning Cycle stages of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation through case study, primary research, role play, critical reflection, observation, discussions, class presentations and individual coaching.

    For more details, please click here.

    OST162 Facilitative Leadership

    2.5 cu

    Students will learn how to employ soft skills, technologies and structured techniques to facilitate effective team meetings as a leader to reach consensus and organisational goals. Through participating in role-playing and receiving individual coaching, students will be exposed to practical hands-on knowledge and skills on facilitative leadership that they can apply in both personal and organisational contexts.

    *This module will be offered from Jan 2023 semester onwards.

    OST164SG Leadership through Outdoor Adventure in Singapore

    2.5 cu

    This course aims to integrate leadership development with outdoor adventure experiences, place-based learning and the practice of environmental ethics in Singapore.

    Through a combination of classroom instruction, e-learning and the practise of coordinating and leading small teams in a multi-element outdoor environment in Singapore, students will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between leadership styles and team performance within outdoor adventure learning contexts.

    The Singaporean iteration of this course seeks to contextualise leadership training within the country’s attempts at dealing with climate change, especially in the North-Eastern region. Through relating leadership skills to environmental issues, students examine the individual and team efforts required to bring about nationwide changes.

    *This module will be offered from Jan 2023 semester onwards.

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