Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy

Creating connections through networking

"If you can connect people, you can create the future."

- Scott Heiferman, American community organizer, businessperson and internet entrepreneur

There are many opportunities available to student leaders of LEAD Academy, which include:

1. Networking Sessions

Networking and building social capital is critical to leadership effectiveness. LEAD Academy provides students with opportunities to network with their fellow peers (in SUSS or across other AUs), alumni, mentors and industry partners.

Student leaders may also be exposed to the University's management and Ministers hrough various engagement platform and events.

Student groups who have positively contributed to student life in SUSS will have their efforts and achievements recognised during the appreciation session.

2. Involvement in Greenharvesting initiatives or other University programmes

Student leaders are able to further hone their leadership skils while also contributing back to SUSS by supporting the University's programme/events.


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