Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy

Learning to become an effective leader


"Practice is the hardest part of learning. Training is the essence of transformation."

- Ann Voskamp, Canadian author


To promote leadership development and provide opportunities for all current and potential student leaders, the tiered leadership system encourages a systematic growth pathway for students to apply what they have learnt and advocate for causes with social impact. These competency roadmaps aim to build awareness of the leadership opportunities in SUSS and scaffold a systematic growth journey for students to apply learnings and advocate for causes with social impact. These pathways are available for all SUSS students and application to other roadmaps is based on fulfilment of roadmap criteria. Student leaders’ participation in the pathways lasts for one year and is subject to respective pathway renewal criteria.

TierDetails Topics




The Explorer pathway aims to create awareness of possible leadership competencies students can develop in their SUSS journey.


Unique Individuals

  • Understand Self
  • Develop Teams
  • Nurture Leaders

Care for Self and Others

  • Cultivate Diversity and Inclusion
  • Manage Risk
  • Support Wellness




The Apprentice pathway aims to promote the application of leadership competencies and knowledge in a leaders’ various spheres of influence.


Skills Development Workshops

  • Conflict Resolution
  • First-Responder
  • Facilitation and Moderation Skills
  • Peer Supporters Training
  • Suicidal Prevention
  • Relationship Management
  • Adaptive Leadership

Networking Opportunities

  • Community of Practice
  • Minister Dialogues and local/Overseas Conferences





The Steward pathway aims to propel student leaders’ potential in advocating for social impact and build habits for the student leaders’ sustainable success.

  • Leadership Expeditions
  • Internal and External Representations
  • Advocacy Workshops
  • Peer Coach/Facilitator for Community of Practice

    The yearly XL121 programme provides personalised mentorship and leadership development opportunities to students who are leading SUSS-wide projects or plan to lead SUSS projects.

    Each student on the programme will receive one-to-one mentorship and work with their mentors to curate a personalised leadership plan journey to build skills and enhance leadership effectiveness as they accumulate experience.

    This programme is open to SUSS students with leadership experience within the last 3 years.

    Leadership Development Opportunities
    • Dedicated mentor - leadership coaching by SSC staff or Alumni mentor 
    • Leadership project that allows for leadership practice
    • Targeted leadership training
    • Networking sessions with other SUSS student leaders and industry leaders
    • Leadership conferences (local/overseas)
    Pre-requisiteYear 1-3 SUSS undergraduates with leadership experience within the past 3 years
    Commitment Period

    Students on this programme must commit to the following:

    1. Lead a SUSS project for a period of at least 3 months
    2. Quarterly meet-up with your assigned mentor
    3. Attend at least 2 networking sessions/workshop of your choice
    4. Attend Adaptive Leadership Workshop (3 days)
    5. Attend 1 Local or Overseas conference (Optional)

    Registration for 2023 has ended. 

    For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life.

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