Capacity Building

Under the Learn to Serve Workshop Series, students can attend the following workshops to learn and develop relevant skills in the areas of mental health such as social-emotional learning, building relationships, active listening etc.


Participants learning about emotions and applying it to facilitation.


Students from Community Service-Learning group SUSS LEAD attending an online workshop on how to build social and emotional competencies and relationships with their mentees.

Workshop NameDetails

Social Emotional Learning for Academic Mentoring

A 4-hours workshop that increase student’s depth of self-awareness and self-management, as well as the tools and techniques to help manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy and productive way.

Mental Health Wellness

A 2-day workshop to understand importance of mental well-being and gain basic knowledge on common mental health conditions as well as learning how to support persons with mental health issues.

Connecting with People

A 1-day workshop where participants learn how to build positive relationship with one another and provide emotional support for others.

Understanding Emotions and Basic Skills in Facilitation

A 1-day workshop that promote deeper understanding and appreciation of emotions, and equips students with simple tools and skills to address and manage the emotions of the people they are supporting in both individual and group settings.


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