Growth Collective SG


Growth Collective SG is a group of social enterprises, ground up initiatives, social service agencies and tertiary institution working together to develop Growth Champions with human-centric skills and a strong inner core so that everyone can support and be supported in different domains and be happier. The Collective is committed to social responsibility and well-being initiatives.


Growth Collective SG develops and deploys growth champions to forge growth circles in the community. Using our curated training framework, one can receive and give support to others while building their inner core, knowledge in mental health awareness and human centric skills, to help build a world where everyone can feel supported no matter where they are.


For more details and to attend growth circles, please click here.

For individuals who would like to take the step up to develop your human-centric skills and be part of a family that grows and supports one another, join us as our Growth Facilitator! Practice people skills, embrace vulnerabilities and co-create communities for genuine connections and a sense of belonging with the Growth Collective.

The Growth Facilitator Training program by the Growth Collective equips individuals with people skills to support the growth and wellbeing of every person. Funded by the Johnson and Johnson foundation, Growth Facilitator Training is currently free to attend. Care and grow together with us!


Being a Growth Facilitator enables one to fulfil the Community Engagement requirement as well. For more details, please write in to


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