The SUSS Peer Supporters also known as SUSS OWLs (Our Well-being Listeners) are a group of trained students who work closely with the Office of Student Life (OST) to promote positive social, emotional, physical and mental well-being through outreach initiatives and provide a listening ear to their peers in need.suss-owls-1

The OWLs' key activities include:

  • Provide peer support by being a listening ear for students in Here to Hear (H2H) sessions
  • Organise well-being workshops
  • Conduct experiential wellness events
  • Raise awareness on the importance of mental wellness through social media

The OWLs are mentored by OST staff in the areas of leadership, personal development, and project management. To ensure sustainability and continuity of the peer support structure, each peer supporter commits for a minimum of one year and they are strongly encouraged to continue as senior peer supporters.


Participants at the Well-being Series Seminar on Boundaries

 sussowls2Learning about mental illnesses through the amazing race-like event, Operation Evexia: Journey through the Mind


Participants with their Lego structure during the MBTI PersonaliTEA Info-Networking Session

Students may connect with the OWLs via the following channels:

Check out these three-part video series by the OWLs, where they raise awareness and advocate against the stigma surrounding mental health issues through the sharing of their personal experiences:

  • Click here for Episode 1
  • Click here for Episode 2
  • Click here for Episode 3

Keen to be an OWL? Look out for the recruitment drive on the OWLs' Instagram, Student Portal, and Office of Student Life's Telegram Channel.

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