Submitting An Appeal


The appeal portal is open until 5 June 2024, 11.59 PM, for the July 2024 intake.

If you wish to appeal against the admission decision of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), you must submit an appeal via the appeal portal from the button below. Please note that the university will only review appeals that are submitted via the appeal portal. Only applicants whose outcomes of their applications is known (successful or rejected) may submit their appeals.

If you have missed the application deadline for the July intake admission, please do not submit an appeal, but apply for the next available intake instead.

Kindly refrain from sending appeals to multiple parties within SUSS as it will slow down the process. Appeals sent to the other parties within SUSS will still be forwarded to our office. In your online appeal, you may state the reason(s) (not more than 500 words) and upload ONE (1) file to support the appeal. Maximum file size for the supporting document is 4MB. You are advised to exercise personal planning when submitting the online appeal as meeting the admission requirements to SUSS is not a valid reason for appeal.

As the number of appeals will be huge, our office aims to update applicants of their appeal outcomes within 21 working days. Applicants who are successful in their appeals will still need to undergo the three-stage selection process; hence, a favourable appeal outcome may not lead to an offer of a programme in SUSS.

You may only submit your appeal once. There is no need to appeal against the appeal status as the committee would have thoroughly reviewed and decided on the appeal outcome.

If you have received course offers from the other local universities, you should accept one of the programmes that has been offered to you by the Joint Acceptance Portal (JAP) deadline, while you wait for the outcome of the appeal.


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