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Work-Study Degree (WSDeg) For SUSS Full-time Undergraduates (Intake 2022 and before)

What is it?

The Work-Study Degree (WSDeg) is a programme where SUSS undergraduates work and study in a curriculum towards completion of a degree programme. Full-time undergraduates may continue to take day-time and/or evening classes concurrently while working at ONE (1) organisation for at least 12-month with structured on-the-job training (OJT), co-designed by SUSS and the organisation.


Who is it for?

WSDeg is open to individuals who have been successfully matriculated in SUSS as full-time undergraduates in the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
  • Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor

How will I benefit?

As a full-time undergraduate, you will:

  • Build relationship that are helpful for full-time career upon graduation;
  • Earn course credits offset of up to 20 credit units (20 cu) recognising workplace learning, subject to the Head of Programme, Dr. Sunny Leong's recommendation;
  • Fulfil the Work Attachment (WA) graduation requirement;
  • Gain 1-year working experience and acquire skills aligned to your matriculated degree programme;
  • Graduate in 4 years or earlier;
  • Receive stipend and/or other benefits during the 12-month OJT


How do I apply?

For students:

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