Full-time Undergraduate

Full-time Undergraduate

Catering to fresh school leavers, SUSS full-time undergraduate programmes provide a unique curriculum which enables you to reach your goals while creating a positive impact in society.

Full-time Undergraduate Degree Programmes

SUSS offers full-time undergraduate programmes that lead to a direct honours degree.

Each course in a degree programme has an assigned value of credit units (cu). Students are required to complete a total of 200 cu to graduate with honours, inclusive of 60 cu of SUSS Core courses.

If you read the maximum permitted study load every semester, you can complete the direct honours degree in 4 years. The maximum candidature period for full-time undergraduate students is 6 years.

There are 2 regular semesters and 1 special semester in a year:

  • January semester: from January to April
  • July semester: from August to November
  • Special semester: from May to June

A typical 5 cu course will have 18 contact hours, comprising 6 weeks of 3-hour classes. For selected courses, this can go up to 24 contact hours, comprising 8 weeks of 3-hour classes. Most courses will be conducted in the regular semesters with classes spread out across a 12-week period.

The special semester is set aside for internships, work attachments, overseas trips, short courses (e.g., 2.5 cu courses), and typical courses that are conducted in a compressed format.

Read more about the new SUSS curriculum.

Featured Degree Programmes

Our curriculum equips you with the three essential qualities of "Head", "Heart" and "Habit" that enable you to reach your goals while making a positive impact in society.

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