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Class Giving 2021

Dear Class of 2021,

We've come a long way and convocation marks a significant milestone in our lives; a special occasion which brings our loved ones together to celebrate our achievements, hard work and dreams. Given that we have received so much throughout our educational journey, now is the time for us to give back and be a blessing to others.

As Class Giving 2021 Committee, we would like to continue the tradition to mark the special occasion of our graduation and enable the Class of 2021 to leave a meaningful legacy. Class Giving 2021 aims to unite individuals through philanthropy and rally support for one another in times of need, cultivating a sense of camaraderie and community, beyond SUSS. We highly encourage every student to give from the heart and help our fellow students in need.

Support #SUSSCG2021 and make a difference, in any way you can. Our Class Giving 2021 campaign supports the SUSS Student Care Fund, which provides short-term, contingency financial aid to SUSS students. 

It's been an amazing journey, Class of 2021. Let's cultivate a culture of giving and create memorable experiences for ourselves, as we look towards graduating and celebrate our time in SUSS. YOU can make a difference.

Yours sincerely,
Class Giving Committee 2021


How Your Giving Helps

This year's Class Giving 2021, we have nominated the SUSS Student Care Fund to be the beneficiary of our giving campaign.

The SUSS Student Care Fund was created to provide contingency support to SUSS students facing sudden and immediate financial hardship arising from unexpected family and life situations.

It aims to give early and timely assistance to students falling into sudden financial difficulty while they look for alternative long-term solutions. This support provided is to complement and not replace other community assistance schemes.

All current SUSS students are eligible to apply for this fund, with reasons arising from:

  • Abrupt and involuntary loss of income personally and/or as a result of the demise, health issues or retrenchment of the family's breadwinner(s)
  • Other hardship circumstances to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Class Giving 2021 relies on your generosity and kindness to help our students tide through difficult times and allow them to focus on their studies. We sincerely thank you for your generous support.

Let's take a look at how past contributions have provided support to beneficiaries in times of need.


Stories by SUSS Student Care Fund Recipients

"I have been in a single-parent family since 10 years ago when my father who was the sole breadwinner of the family, passed away. It was emotionally difficult to cope with his passing as we were also struggling financially. During the Circuit Breaker, our home expenditure increased as the family stayed home and the situation worsened when both my mother and brother were placed on temporary unpaid leave, resulting in a severe loss of family income. Funds from the Student Care Fund allowed me to relief some of the burden from my family, enabling me to focus on my studies. It was reassuring for me to continue studying, with less worry about financial issues at home. I am blessed and grateful to have received the SUSS Student Care Fund."

– Social Work Student, Year 3

"Due to COVID-19, most of my work was immediately put to a halt during Circuit Breaker, causing a huge loss in income. The aid from the SUSS Student Care Fund provided a great deal of support for me. It allowed me to continue paying for the necessary bills, as part of my financial obligations at home. It also provided some spare allowance for me to purchase necessities, such as food and groceries. I am humbled and thankful for such help in times of need."

– Supply Chain Management with International Trade Student, Year 3

*Donors who are Singapore tax residents may claim 2.5 times tax deduction on their gifts made on or before 31 December 2021 (subject to terms and conditions stipulated by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore). For more information, please click here.

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