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Class of 2024, Let's Leave Our Legacy!

🌟 What is Class Giving, you ask? 🌟

Class Giving is not your typical philanthropic initiative; it's an opportunity for us to come together as a graduating cohort and make a real impact. We're talking about putting our collective superpower to work and creating positive change for future SUSS students.

As we embark on this incredible journey towards graduation, it's time to make our mark and leave a lasting legacy. We're thrilled to introduce you to "Class Giving 2024," our chance to give back to the SUSS community in a big, bold, and meaningful way!

💪 Here's the game plan:

Donate with Heart: It's not about the size of your donation; it's about the heart behind it. Whether you can spare a little or a lot, every contribution counts.

Benefitting the SUSS Community: Our donations will go straight into an established SUSS fund, supporting students, enhancing campus life, and boosting the overall SUSS experience.

Leave Your Mark: Imagine being part of something bigger than ourselves. Our class legacy will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come!


🎉But wait, there's more!

FUNdraising Extravaganza: Get ready for some exciting fundraising events, challenges, and activities that will keep the energy high and the fun rolling!

Ready to be part of something extraordinary? Let's make waves, Class of 2024! Together, we can create a ripple effect of generosity and positively impact the SUSS community for years to come.

Stay tuned for updates, event details, and all the ways you can get involved. Keep those giving spirits high, and let's show the world what the Class of 2024 is all about!


Stay awesome,

Class Giving Committee 2024🎓✨


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