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SUSS Launches Age Well Programme in Collaboration with Nunchi Marine


Singapore home grown independent oil cargo and bunker trading company, Nunchi Marine, is on a journey of value creation with a strong belief of giving back for the greater good of society. With a core business in managing global supply, trading and logistics for a wide range of fuels and refined petroleum products, Nunchi Marine sees the increasing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Driven by one of their core values – Social Responsibility, Nunchi Marine is committed to create social value through business with strong ESG proposition and actively participates in meaningful projects and collaborations that contribute to society.

As part of their ongoing community support efforts, Nunchi Marine has pledged $1million to launch the ‘SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme’ in collaboration with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

Mr Henry Song, CEO of Nunchi Marine presented the cheque to SUSS at the launch ceremony on 10th November. The ceremony was held in conjunction with a dialogue session on Longevity Society, tackling issues on human capital crisis in health and care sectors. Senior Minister of State for National Development of Singapore, Mr Tan Kiat How also graced the launch as the Guest-of-Honour. Sharing his insights on the issue, he shares that "We want our seniors to age well, and spend their longevity in good health, in a caring and inclusive community. It is not just today’s seniors, but tomorrow’s seniors as well – my generation, and future generations, who will benefit from the investments in healthcare, in the built environment that we make today."


Nunchi Marine Cheque Presentation

From left: Mr Tan Kiat How, Mr Henry Song, Associate Professor Sirene Lim, and Dr Kelvin Tan


The SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme aims to promote the piloting of age well studies in the local scene. Mr Song expresses: "Nunchi Marine is excited to be collaborating with SUSS for this SUSS-Nunchi Marine Age Well Programme. We hope that this initiative will raise awareness on current needs in the field of Gerontology."

The programme will see collaborations with various local and overseas organisations, to promote cross-learning and applied ageing amongst the gerontology community, in line with the Minor in Applied Ageing Studies

This is Nunchi Marine’s second gift to SUSS. Nunchi Marine has been an active supporter of SUSS, particularly in the area of Gerontology, with their first gift supporting the acquisition of Singapore’s first two Lovots; social robots which are presently being used for pilot studies in various nursing homes across Singapore. We are grateful for this collaboration with Nunchi Marine and look forward to the exciting projects to come!






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