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16th – 18th November 2024, Sat - Mon
Lifelong Learning Institute

Singapore University of Social Sciences, in collaboration with Healthy Trajectories – A child and youth disability research Centre on the Melbourne Children’s Campus, Australia, are delighted to welcome you to Participation – Inclusion in Action 2024 in Singapore.

We know that participation of children and youth with disabilities is a human right and should happen, but there is still a big gap between what children and youth want to and have a right to participate in, and what they can currently participate in. The goal of this conference is for individuals and families with lived experience, health and education practitioners, researchers, policy makers and other professionals working with persons with disability to share knowledge, provide practical solutions, and to keep pushing the boundaries of participation.

Participation Conferences began in 2017 and have been held in Australia, Sweden, and Norway. In November 2024, the conference will be held in Singapore. The goal of each conference is to bring together international expertise on the topic of ‘participation’, building evidence, and changing practices and community outcomes for all children, adolescents and young adults who grow up with disability and their families. Our vision is a world in which attending and being involved in valued and meaningful life situations across the community is a given, regardless of disability or diversity.

Through the events in this conference, attendees will gain insight from an international panel of experts to be able to devise approaches to improve the participation and well-being of persons with disability. Our focus will be on addressing access issues and improving involvement and autonomy in various settings, such as healthcare, education, family and social settings.

We aim to connect and create collaborations between attendees to understand ‘on the ground’ issues and identify gaps in knowledge and action.  Our ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity learn together how we can implement sustainable long-term solutions to optimise participation.

Conference Themes

The conference programme will centre around four key themes:

  • Co-producing participation approaches and solutions for equity
  • Understanding and building the experience of involvement
  • Participation in education
  • Low-resource - high-resource knowledge exchange

Please click here to read more about the themes and subthemes. We look forward to seeing you in Singapore for the array of exciting presentations and thought-provoking discussions.

Registration Rates*

Registration includes access to all keynote and panel discussions sessions, lunches, tea receptions, and a social dinner. 

PIAC 2024 registration rates

The registration fees for this conference are heavily subsidised thanks to the philanthropic support of a generous donor.

*Registration fees are subjected to prevailing taxes. As the conference has limited capacity, please register only if you are able to attend, to avoid denying others of the opportunity to benefit from this conference. No return, exchange, or refund of registration fees will be made should you not be able to attend the conference after registration is completed.

Key Highlights

Find out more about our keynote speakers, programme, and what you can do in Singapore.

The Conference Symbol


PIAC symbol circle of friendship

"Circle of Friendship" is a beautifully painted artwork done by Saifudeen, a beneficiary at the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), where it displays many different races holding hands together. His artwork was chosen to be the symbol of PIAC 2024, where we hope to improve the participation of Persons with Disabilities and provide the catalyst to establish new bonds amongst attendees.

Contact Us

For more event details, reach out to us through:

Email: piac2024@suss.edu.sg


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