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Sustainable Built Environment Fund (SBEF)


With climate change at a “widespread, rapid and intensifying” stage, it is important that we play a part in conserving and protecting our planet. As part of the research initiative of the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Lab of Dr. Sheila Conejos, the School of Science and Technology's Sustainable Built Environment Fund (SBEF) supports research projects on climate change and sustainability. 

The concept of sustainability recognises the environment as a finite and exhaustible resource and seeks the balance of meeting our needs and minimising the impact on the environment. The research will explore novel ways of sustainability, incorporating economic development and corporate responsibility. The Sustainable Built Environment Fund supports the following research and consultation projects:

1. Circular Built Environments or Circular Cities or Circular Buildings

2. Healthy, Inclusive and Vibrant Neighborhoods

3. Urban Regeneration, Public Open Spaces and the Elderly

4. Greening of Heritage Buildings (Green Adaptive Reuse, Green Retrofitting and Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings)

5. Maintainability of Green Building Technologies in the Tropics

6. Design for Excellence (which includes Design for Maintainability; Design for Adaptability; Design for Disassembly; Design for Future Adaptive Reuse)

7. Stakeholder Engagement for Green Project Implementation

8. Community Development for Sustainability and Circularity in neighbourhoods

The effects of climate change are already here. Read more about climate change, sustainability, and how we can do our part to conserve the environment, and support the cause through the links below:


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