2020 Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium

Building and Strengthening Singapore’s Early Childhood Education Research


根植与共建 - 新加坡学前教育研究

2020 Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium 新加坡学前教育论坛

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This is an online event complimentary to the public. Limited slots available. 论坛为免费线上活动。名额有限。

About 活动简介

Over the past two decades, the early childhood education sector of Singapore has gone through a major transformation. In 2003, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework aimed at promoting consistent quality standards in the delivery of kindergarten programmes in Singapore. In 2013, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) was established as the regulatory and developmental authority for the sector, overseeing key aspects of early learning across kindergartens and child care centres. Through these concerted efforts, the sector has continued to progress and strengthen over the years.

Set against this backdrop, the theme of the 2020 Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium is "Building and Strengthening Singapore's Early Childhood Education Research". Researchers from Shenyang Normal University and nine local practitioners will share findings and recommendations from their research studies on pertinent issues related to Singapore’s early childhood education.




Programme 节目表

1.30pm - 2.00pmSign-in
2.00pm - 2.15pmWelcome Address by Professor Cheong Hee Kiat
President, Singapore University of Social Sciences
2.15pm - 2.45pmKeynote Speaker: "Early Childhood Development" as MOOC: Curriculum-building and Reformation in online learning environments
Professor Dan Fei, Dean of the School of Preschool and Primary Education, Shenyang Normal University
主讲: 基于线上教学的《儿童发展》课程建设与教学改革
 A Comparative Discussion of Pre-School Education in Singapore and China
2.45pm - 3.05pmIntegration of Early Childhood Care and Education, and Teacher Training Reforms in Singapore and China
Dr Suo Changqing, Associate Professor, Shenyang Normal University
3.05pm - 3.25pmA Comparative Study of the Professional Development of Pre-school Educators in China and Singapore
Dr Wu Jiali, Post-doctoral Scholar, National Institute of Education Sciences, People's Republic of China Lecturer, Shenyang Normal University
吴佳莉博士,中国教育科学研究院 博士后,沈阳师范大学 讲师
3.25pm - 3.45pmPanel Discussion
Moderator: Dr Sin Joo Ee
3.45pm - 4.00pmEarly Childhood Education Research Presentation
Moderator: Dr Sin Joo Ee
4.00pm - 4.30pmEarly Childhood Education Research Presentation 1: Professional Development (including Q&A)
4.30pm - 5.00pmEarly Childhood Education Research Presentation 2: Practice Research (including Q&A)
5.00pm – 5.15pmClosing

Speakers 主讲人

Wang Weiping

Wang Weiping 王卫平

Preschool Chinese Teachers' Beliefs and Practices on the Multicultural Curriculum in Singapore

Xu Yan

Xu Yan 徐燕

Research on the Current Status of Professional Self-Identity of Preschool Chinese Educators in Singapore

Pan Qingfang

Pan Qingfang 潘清方

Research on the Status of Internship Adaptation of Early Childhood Education Students in Singapore

Lao Yuqing

Lao Yuqing 劳玉卿

A Cognitive Study of Preschool Chinese Teachers in Singapore on Teacher Performance Evaluation

Tian Ying

Tian Ying 田英

Promotion of Emotional Competence in 4-5 year-old Children: An Intervention Research Based on Emotional Theme Picture Book Teaching

Xiao Zhen

Xiao Zhen 肖珍

Practical Research on Application of Situational Approach in Teaching Chinese Characters for 5-6 year-old Children in Kindergarten

Guo Jiaying

Guo Jiaying 郭嘉颖

Action Research on the Integration of Singapore's Kindergarten Curriculum and Chinese Traditional Culture

Qian Yi Jun

Qian Lan @ Qian Yi Jun 钱怡君

Action Research on Improving Kindergarten (K1&K2) Unwelcomed Peer Relationship Through Group Play

Chen Xibin

Chen Xibin 陈喜斌

The Use of Electronic Products of 2-6 year-old Children, and its Relationship with Family Factors

Contact Us 联系方式

You may contact us at ccs@suss.edu.sg if you have any questions about the event.


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