2021 World Congress on Justice with Children

"Ensuring access to justice for all children: towards non-discriminatory and inclusive child justice systems"

2021 World Congress on Justice with Children

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Event time is based on Singapore Standard Time, UTC +8


The World Congress on Justice With Children is an international milestone that gathers children alongside policymakers, legal practitioners, academics, and civil society representatives with relevant work experience to influence Child Justice, explore best practices, foster scientific cooperation, and raise awareness on child-friendly justice.

Over one week, we aim to place children’s rights at the top of the international agenda to promote fair and appropriate justice systems for and with children.

Expected outputs:

  • Define a global strategy to accelerate progress towards child-friendly justice with and for children until the next congress.
  • Foster regional synergies and action plans for the next three years to provide regional roadmaps for implementing the global strategy.
  • Collect national pledges to reinforce policies and practices that make real differences in the lives of children in contact with the law.
  • Generate a path for action after the plenary sessions and workshops based on the discussion and topics raised.

Our Participation

SUSS is participating in the panel discussion. Moderated by Ms Olivine Lin (School of Law, SUSS), the panel discussion will be held on
18 Nov 2021, Thursday, 6pm (based on Singapore Standard Time, UTC+8)

Join us as we discuss about Unlocking Potential: the “Child First Offender Second” Approach, Preventing Youth Offending Behavior, and Innovative Restorative Justice Practices" with our speakers:

  • Dr Razwana Begum (HoP PSS, SUSS)
  • Ms Charlotte (PSS undergraduate student, SUSS)
  • Mr Leonard (RP Practitioner, Singapore)
  • Ms Arti Mohan (RP Practitioner, India)
  • Dr Masa Suzuki (Academic, Australia)


Based on the Child First Offender Second (CFOS) model, this panel discussion will provide an overview of children and young people in conflict with the law in Singapore, Australia, and India, probing into the different measures adopted by these countries in safeguarding children and young people against violence in the administration of justice. The panelists will also discuss the challenges in moving towards the “child first” principle, particularly in working with families and the larger community to address youth offending behaviors, and they will provide some suggestions to prevent children and young people from being caught up in the criminal justice web. In addition, the panelists will share efforts to promote diversionary measures and some innovative strategies and restorative justice practices adopted in the three countries.

You may find information of the panel discussion.

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