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The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) celebrates the return of its anticipated Art+Design Showcase@SUSS Exhibition on 9 March 2019 with a showcase of current students' works from the Multimedia, Visual Communication and the Arts Education programme. Titled "Explore, Connect and Reconnect", the exhibition features over 60 works and two talks by Dr Peter Chuah and Mr Andy Heng. The exhibition is held in partnership with the Singapore Design Council, and in conjunction with the Singapore Design Week festival.

Visitors can expect to connect and re-engage with a range of art and design ideas previously explored. Expect to see how design elements could be creatively used for different intent through photographs, art pieces to multimedia displays and design projects, offering unique perspectives on how design elements and principles could be manipulated and applied for achieving specific effects. In addition, there are two seminar guest lectures with a focus on sharing practical communication tips to non-designers and to showcase a sharing on spatial design through using 3D spatial design.


Talk 1: Practical Communication Design Tips for Non-Designers

Speaker: Dr Peter Chuah (Head of Programme, Visual Communication Programme)

Titled "Practical Communication Design Tips for Non-Designers", this sharing session intends to bring design closer to the general public by (1) explaining the role of design in society, (2) introducing practical visual design tips to create effective communication work, e.g., presentation and report, and (3) getting more people to appreciate design through consciously adopting simple design habits. The speaker, Dr Peter Chuah, is the current Head of Visual communication Programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. His research interest includes persuasive message design in the behaviour and social change contexts; experience-based design and information design for understanding and use and critical and reflective thinking in communication design education.


Talk 2: Toys, Movies and a Blog

Speaker: Mr Andy Heng (Production Designer and Art Director)

The speaker will offer a glimpse of his pioneering work in production design and art direction within the media and entertainment industry. Drawing on his extensive portfolio and experience, he will share how his passion in "toy" collection, movies and blogging shaped and influenced his design direction and focus. The speaker is the author of an award-winning Blog and an avid toy collector. Trained as an interior designer, the speaker has been involved in different design projects and has assumed various roles. This includes being a set and production designer as well as an art director for feature films. 

Through the talks, we hope to engage, connect, and reconnect with visitors and get them excited over new ideas and possibilities. The venue and the timing of the exhibits and the talks are shown below. 


11.00am - 5.00pm

Art + Photography Exhibition - Explore, Connect & Reconnect

Venue: Block C 3.12

12.00pm - 1.00pm

Practical Communication Design - Tips for Non-Designers

Dr C K Peter Chuah, Head of Programme (Visual Communication)

Venue: Block C 3.15

1.20pm - 2.20pm

Toys, Movies & a Blog - Toys, Movies & a Blog - How Design Influence My Life?

Mr Andy Heng, Production Designer & Art Director

Venue: Block C 3.15

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