SUSS Dialogue Session: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Full-time)

Early Childhood Education is an in-demand multidisciplinary career around the world as governments are now paying greater attention to the healthy growth and development of young children. Recent research has shown that when governments invest more in the lives of young children, especially those in poverty and neglect, the investment can result in a healthier, more educated and employable adult population. As such, early childhood education has become an emerging and exciting field that can lead to real improvements for any society.

The full-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education is a four-year direct honours teacher preparation programme. It aims to equip students for entry into the Singapore early childhood education profession as certified teachers for kindergartens and child care centres. The programme is also designed with a future and global outlook to produce graduates who are poised to contribute towards improving the lives of young children and their families across traditionally separate disciplines such as social services and public education (e.g., museums, healthcare).

Working with young children (infants through age 6) in centre-based care is a physically demanding profession. Candidates would need to meet ECDA's medical requirements for pre-school teachers upon admission into the programme as students in this programme are required to spend more than 1000 hours in direct contact with young children in child care centres and kindergartens during the course of their study from Year 1 onward.

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