Beginner Language Courses

Pick up a new language today!
Languages available: Chinese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai

Beginner Language Courses


The registration for Beginner Language is now open! Organised by Language Learner by the Centre for Experiential Learning, the Beginner courses are suitable for individuals who have no background in these languages. You will be equipped with basic conversational skills at the end of the course!

6 different Beginner Languages are offered: Chinese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Hindi and Thai. These are all non-credit bearing courses, but we also have 5 cu Business Language courses available during the semesters.

In collaboration with our renowned Partner Universities, the course will be taught by experienced lecturers, with classes held fully online, synchronously in small groups.

Exclusively for the Beginner Hindi Language course, we are offering a FREE Airbnb Experience to Jaipur (for the first 10 sign-ups only)!

Exclusively for Beginner Vietnamese Language course, we are offering a FREE virtual food tour to Ho Chi Minh City (for the first 10 sign-ups only)!


There are 6 sessions in total for each Beginner Language course, and classes are conducted during the March term break from the 7th to 18th March 2022 with the last session being the assessment segment (see timetable below). A course fee of $120 (non-refundable) applies.

To register for the Beginner Language course, log on to Student Portal and go to E-Services, click on 'Event Service Online' and select the respective Event ID to register and make payment. Upon registration, you will receive an invoice via a system-generated email. Payment must be made within the same day as registration, otherwise your registration will be automatically withdrawn by the system.

Payment can be made via online using credit card or through AXS kiosks.

1) Online payment:

  • After registration, proceed to make payment online and follow on-screen instructions accordingly.
  • Once payment is successful, save a copy of the official SUSS receipt.
  • Another system-generated email will be sent to your email.

2) AXS payment:

  • After registration, proceed to make payment at an AXS kiosk.
  • Email your invoice and AXS receipt to
  • You will receive an official SUSS receipt via email within 3 working days.


The Event ID for the different Beginner languages offered are found in the table below.

Beginner ChineseEV22000004, 3pm - 5pm
EV22000005, 8pm - 10pm
Beginner Malay EV22000006, 3pm - 5pm
EV22000007, 8pm - 10pm
Beginner Bahasa Indonesia EV22000002, 3pm - 5pm
EV22000001, 8pm - 10pm
Beginner ThaiEV22000003, 8pm - 10pm
Beginner HindiEV22000009, 8pm - 10pm
Beginner VietnameseEV22000011, 8pm - 10pm

The timetable is as follows:

  • 7 March 2022: Lesson 1
  • 9 March 2022: Lesson 2
  • 11 March 2022: Lesson 3
  • 14 March 2022: Lesson 4
  • 16 March 2022: Lesson 5
  • 18 March 2022: Assessment (The assessment is a 10 minute one-to-one session with the language tutor)

Register by 14 Feb 2022. For more information about the Beginner Language courses and list of FAQ, visit the SUSS Language Learner page.


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