Bloom 2022

Bloom 2022

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Bloom 2022 is a pioneering initiative by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Office of Student Life, Growthbeans and Student Leaders to provide youths with resources to practise self-care and improve their well-being, build resilience to thrive in the VUCA world, as well as to enable collaborative sharing of wellness practices and networking among youths from different universities. Through the event, participants can discover new methods to practice self-care to improve their well-being and Bloom in their own ways.

The event is open to all youths aged 17 to 35 years old.

Use the code BLOOM20 to get 20% discount when you register for a paid workshop.

For any enquiries, please write to

1000 to 12001200 to 13301330 to 15301530 to 16001600 to 1800
Home of Healing [P]Art Therapy 1Lunch + Lunchtime ConcertArt Therapy 2BreakArt Therapy 3
Growth Circles [F]Growth Circle 1 - Common HumanityGrowth Circle 2 - Supportive BehavioursGrowth Circle 3 - Supportive Questions
Coaching-Infused Workshops [P] Where Am I? What's Next? 
Mindfulness Track A [P] Mindful Practice/Movement of Sound BathMindful Practice/Movement of Sound Bath
Mindfulness Track B [P] Mindful Relationships 
Blooming Community [F]Features Various Wellness Initiatives
Garden of Expression [F]Artistic Showcase by SUSS students (Lunchtime concert - 11:30am to 1:30pm)
The Gathering @ Pavillion [F]Connect through Board Games and explore wellness related topics

Legend: [F] - Free; [P] - Paid Workshop

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