#CONVERGE2: Create A Window To Your World

Embark On A Virtual Adventure Of A Lifetime To Malaysia, The Philippines, And Vietnam!

Calling out to all undergraduates who are passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable & Ethical Business Development and Community Development. What is community-based tourism's role in sustainable development, and how can the tourism industry continue to thrive despite the current global crisis?

Learn about community-based tourism

Understand issues faced by social entrepreneurs and compare approaches to sustainability.

Solve real-life challenges

Collaborate with leaders & the local community to understand global challenges and use social innovation to develop a social impact project.

Be immersed in rich culture

Open a window to your world; Participate in interactive workshops on local culture and traditions


 Date Time (GMT+8) Activity
30 Nov1pm to 5pmIntroductions and team bonding
Workshop: Sustainable Development
1 Dec1pm to 5pmWorkshop: Social Innovation
Workshop: Social Entrepreneurship
2 Dec2pm to 5pmWorkshop: Design Thinking for Social Impact
Team bonding
3 DecTBCWorkshop: How to engage with the local community
Virtual Tours and Cultural Activities
4 Dec1pm to 5pmInterview local communities
5 to 7 Decown timingGroup discussions
8 Dec2pm to 4.30pmMeet mentors, ideation and prototyping
9 to 13 Decown timingGroup discussions
14 Dec2pm to 4.30pmPresent your project to the community
18 Dec1pm to 5pmFeedback from the community
Closing ceremony & Farewells


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