Crime and Security Forum 2022 - Crime and Security in a Post Pandemic World


Event time is based on Singapore Standard Time, UTC +8


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with various geo-political and societal changes, has proven to be a challenging period for managing crime and security issues. Trends such as increased digital transformation and remote working are here to stay, and they bring new dimensions of concern. Increased use of social media and the internet present ever-changing threats to crime, public order and security. Technological advancements such as the metaverse development raise new challenges. In the face of major changes in the post-pandemic world, crime control and the maintenance of public safety and security cannot remain static. The forum will discuss what the implications are and what needs to be done in crime and security control.


  • Cyber trends & threats
  • Metaverse & sex crime
  • Transnational crime
  • Innovation and Technology in fighting crime & security
  • Evolution of crime

Who Should Attend

  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Public sector leaders
  • Government officials
  • Law enforcement agencies' personnel
  • Legal professionals
  • Students
  • Staff of international organisations and
    non-governmental organisations
  • C-suite leaders
  • Professionals involved in:
    • Compliance
    • Investigation
    • Governance
    • Risk management
    • Safety and Security


*Click on each speaker's photo to view his/her bio.
Eddie Toh

Eddie Toh

Partner Cyber Security
Partner/Executive Director Forensic
Asia Pacific Forensic Technology Lead
KPMG in Singapore
Professor Kyung-Shick Choi

Professor Kyung-Shick Choi

Professor of Practice and Programme Director
Centre for Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity
Boston University, USA

Professor Jay S. Albanese

Professor Jay S. Albanese

Professor and Criminologist
Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Senior Superintendent Mohammed Swalikh

Senior Superintendent Mohammed Swalikh

Digital Policing Services Bureau
Information Systems Wing
Hong Kong Police Force

Dr Jonathan Pan

Dr Jonathan Pan

Disruptive Technologies Office
Home Team Science & Technology Agency, Singapore
Professor Mark Button

Professor Mark Button

Founder and Director
Centre for Counter Fraud Studies
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Portsmouth, UK


*Click on each speaker's photo to view his/her bio.
Associate Professor Soh Kee Hean

Associate Professor Soh Kee Hean

Head of Criminal Investigation Minor
School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences
Singapore University of Social Sciences

Dr Omer Ali Saifudeen

Dr Omer Ali Saifudeen

Head Military Studies Minor
Public Safety and Security Programme
Singapore University of Social Sciences


*Timings in Singapore Standard Time GMT +8
0930 – 0945 hrs
Introduction to the Forum
Associate Professor Soh Kee Hean, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Introduction to the key issues to be discussed in this Crime and Security Forum.

0945 – 1005 hrs
Cyber Trends and Threats
Eddie Toh, Partner, KPMG Singapore

Discussion of the trends and threats arising from the pandemic and environmental/social changes, what we have to deal with in crime and security issues, such as misinformation, hate crime, cybercrimes such as ransomware, BEC, threats to operations systems, crime as a service etc.

1005 – 1025 hrs
The Evolution of Metaverse & Online Sex Crime Against Children
Professor Kyung-Shick Choi, Boston University, USA

The Metaverse concept has evolved, enabling people to attain real-world experiences in a virtual world, and cybercrimes such as online prostitution, sexual violence, and child sexual exploitation are expected to increase. The discussion will analyse the issues of child sexual violence and consider cybercrime investigation capabilities and public safety training in the Metaverse in the future.

1025 – 1050 hrs
Q & A
1050 – 1110 hrs
Managing Transnational Crime
Professor Jay S. Albanese, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

The presentation will provide observations and discuss the changing environment, the trends and key issues to be managed in order to be on top of transnational crime with its different manifestations.

1110 – 1130 hrs
Q & A
1130 – 1430 hrs
1430 – 1450 hrs
Leveraging Science and Technology for Crime, Safety and Security Control
Senior Superintendent Mohammed Swalikh, Hong Kong Police Force

The presentation will share views on how science and technology is tapped to improve training, crime fighting, safety and security control. The developments and some case examples in Hong Kong Police will be shared.

1450 – 1510 hrs
Innovation Enhancing Crime, Safety and Security Control
Dr Jonathan Pan, Home Team Science and Technology Agency, Singapore

The presentation will discuss how innovation in systems, methods and use of technology can be tapped to improve crime fighting, safety and security control. Some of the work of the Home Team Science and Technology will be illustrated.

1510 – 1530 hrs
Q & A
1530 – 1545 hrs
1545 – 1605 hrs
Managing the Changing Face of Crime
Professor Mark Button, Portsmouth University, UK

The presentation will discuss the evolving nature of crime, taking in consideration the impact of COVID-19 and the changing environment, the responses required of law enforcement and some case illustrations.

1605 – 1620 hrs
Q & A


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