The Holy Grail: The Algorithm of Life

The Holy Grail: The Algorithm of Life


Since the longest time, it has been man’s dream to be able to record memories/wisdom, such that each generation can continue to be wiser. 42Algorithm is about recording, curating, coding, storing these analogue stories and converting them into digital numbers and algorithm for a wide range of purposes. For example:

a) Wisdom heritage information for passing down to descendants
b) Mid-career transition for 42 years old and above
c) Corporate talent management

Harnessing Technology through the granularity of data, we are now co-creating future “un-imaginable” human potentials. This is “Ready Player One” by 42Alogrithm.



Alvin Lee has an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Newcastle, MBA education from Henley Management College (UK) and more than 15 years of senior management experience in industries such as Disc Drive, Consumer electronics, Events & exhibition and Internet Start‐ups.  He is the CEO of 42 Algorithm, and also runs a corporate training company that helps corporates and youths to make their own dreams come true.
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