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Why take translation and interpretation studies when modern technology is seemingly making the translators/interpreters redundant? Without a doubt, translation technology has been advancing more rapidly than expected, or perhaps more rapidly than some of us would have liked. So what is the relevance of translation and interpretation studies given that electronic language translation is becoming increasingly popular?

Translation studies not only provides the skills and knowledge we need to be effective translators and interpreters, it also helps us build the often-overlooked soft skills that have an equally, if not more, important impact on our professional and social development. Taking different perspectives, we can gain greater insights into the values translation studies offers and how we can use these values for better human-technology collaboration and self-improvement.

In a lively manner, the speaker will tell anecdotal stories about how her study of translation boosts her career in Banking and Finance. A niche expertise in translation and interpretation also empowers her to give back to society in many ways.


Cindy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Translation and Interpretation) from SUSS.  She is a graduate of the class of 2018 and was awarded the Ascendas-Singbridge Top Achievement Award (2018). 

Cindy is a Singaporean and is currently based in Hong Kong. She works in the financial and legacy planning industry as a financial consultant at one of the world’s largest insurance company.  Prior to this, she has accumulated about 20 years of experience in the banking and finance industry and had assumed managerial positions in Corporate Banking, Personal Banking and Institutional Sales in foreign banks.  She was also at one point involved in a startup company that envisioned to provide the state-of-the-art solutions for back-office outsourcing facilities.  

Translation work has been something Cindy has a keen interest in and since she began her studies in SUSS, she has provided translation services for sports association, missionary workers and charitable organisations based in Singapore, Hong Kong and USA.

Cindy also holds a Bachelor of Business from Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University and an MBA from Marshall Business School, University of Southern California.


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