Superhero Films: All Flash and No Substance?

In Oct 2019, director Martin Scorsese famously said that superhero films are “not cinema”; instead, they are more like “theme parks.” Are superhero films really all flash and no substance? In this talk, Ain and Wei Li will explore popular myths and assumptions about the genre, as well as the role of critical thinking in the (de)construction of superhero films.


Ms. Nurul Ain and Mr. Wong Wei Li have been teaching English, film, literature, and academic writing at SUSS and NUS since 2012. Driven by their common passion for film and teaching, Ain and Wei Li formed subtxt, a partnership business. At subtxt, they give lectures and seminars to teach critical thinking skills through the medium of film. As independent researchers and the content creators of subtxt, they design up-to-date, in-house film packages that promote self-directed learning and create social awareness through the arts.

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