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About the Event

SS-escaperoom_augJoin us in the escape room experience – interesting plots, a plethora of puzzles, mysterious clues and nerve-wreaking time limit!

Are you able to outwit and outrun the puzzles and escape from the locked room* in time? Find out now! Join us in this ultimate gameplay by signing up!

Participants will be randomly assigned to 1 of the 5 Escape Rooms on the event day. Participants are only allowed to change their assigned Escape Room if another participant wishes to change.

  • All participants need to fill up the Lost SG Indemnity Form before they can enter the Escape Rooms.
  • To maintain optimum game experience, personal belongings such as mobile phones are not permitted into the Escape Rooms. There will be free lockers provided to stow your belongings.
  • Wheelchair admission is unavailable.

* The game rooms are designed to be suitable for all ages and with minimal physical challenges. However, for participants who are less fit (eg. severe back problems, pregnant ladies, heart conditions, claustrophobic), Lost SG advises them to participate the games at their own discretion.


 StudentS$18 (U.P. $32.90 incl. refreshments)
 GuestS$24 (U.P. $32.90 incl. refreshments)

Registration Guide

Step 1: Login to Student Portal
Step 2: Click on 'E-Services' at the side bar
Step 3: Allow pop up windows as 'E-Services' will open as a pop up
Step 4: Click on 'Event Service Online'
Step 5: Search for your event in the calendar of events. Do note that there are multiple pages. * Events are organized alphabetically. 

* Please actively search for your event to register. Events that are open for registration will be displayed. Events that are closed for registration will not be displayed.

Event Highlights

On 24 August 2019, 26 SUSS students and guests took on the challenge and put on their thinking caps to collectively analyse thought-provoking clues and solve challenging puzzles to escape from a locked room at Lost SG!

The participants were first split into different groups of four or more, after which the groups were shown a short video of the themes of their respective rooms to introduce the scenario and the game. The most popular room was “Exodus”, whereby the participants has to escape from the clutches of the merciless Pharaoh. 

It was an intense hour of mind-gruelling detective work in each of the game rooms. When the time was up, the participants started to stream out of the rooms with a mixture of different expressions and emotions. Some expressed: “If only we had five more minutes, we could have solved the last puzzle!”, while some said, “Wow! We are the first team to escape from the room!”

Some of the students were also amazed by the level of technology in some of the equipment and devices in the rooms.

All in all, we could tell from the expressions of the participants that they enjoyed this real-life escape experience. Some of them were also up for round two of the challenge!

Till we meet again!


  • Event will not run if minimum sign-up is not met.
  • Student/Alumni is to present their NRIC/photo ID on event day for verification purposes.
  • Please be advised that filming and/or photography will be taking place at this event. If you do not wish to appear in any images, please let the organiser know so that we can take appropriate steps to ensure that you are not included. The photographs/film will be used by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) for publicity purposes. They may also be included in SUSS publications or in SUSS promotional materials and may also be published on the SUSS website and social media channels.

Terms and Conditions

  • SUSS reserves the rights to use/publish any photos taken at our events on corporate marketing materials or for publicity purposes.
  • Our events are highly subsidised and we have limited capacity. Failure to turn up for an event will deprive a fellow student enjoying the benefit. We greatly appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for joining us.
  • Once your registration is confirmed, no cancellation or refund would be allowed.
  • Please note that if payment is not received by the due date, registration will be automatically withdrawn.
  • SUSS reserves the right to make changes to the event without prior notice.
  • All information is accurate at the time of publishing.
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