SUSS Dialogue Session: Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

As English has become the global language, and communication skills in the English language have become critically important in the 21st century, there is a growing need for those who have mastery over the principles and practices of teaching English to speakers of other languages. 

The Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are advanced academic graduate programmes that provide the sound theoretical foundation and practical skills needed for a career in language teaching or other related work in educational contexts in Singapore or overseas.

The programmes cater to the needs of those currently working as language teachers, those who plan to work as language teachers in the future, and those who simply have a passion for language learning/teaching and would like to pursue further education in this field.

Unique Features of the Programme

  • Curriculum suitable for language teachers of different backgrounds (from the public school system and tertiary institutions to the private sector such as international schools, language/enrichment centres)
  • Emphasis on developing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in teaching methodology and curriculum development suitable for the various TESOL contexts in Singapore as well as overseas
  • Experienced and highly-qualified local and international faculty
  • Flexibility of blended learning, with face-to-face seminars, online recorded lectures and other e-learning tools

Meet the Head of Programme at the live dialogue session to find out more and have your questions answered. Register now!


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