Implementing World Health Organisation Guidance for Preventive Care for Older People

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SUSS Gerontology Research Seminars Series: 
Implementing World Health Organisation Guidance for Preventive Care for Older People 

The WHO guidelines on the Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) is a central pillar and the principal driver for health care transformation in the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030). The ICOPE guidelines recommend how to respond early to declines associated with ageing (loss of intrinsic capacity) and for needs for social care and support, to help optimise older people’s functional capacity and ability to do the things which give their lives meaning. It also recommends how to implement holistic assessment in primary care and prioritise a response based on the priorities of older people, informed by the 30-year EASYCare international research and development programme.

Age Care Technologies (ACT) was founded to build on the EASYCare programme. ACT has developed the digital technology for uptake at scale, with a sustainable business model for implementing WHO ICOPE guidance, through use of the ACT Assess and Connect tool.

In this presentation, the ACT Assess and Connect tool and its applications for promoting healthy ageing for individuals and populations will be described. Its application in developing policies for healthy longevity in Singapore will be discussed.


Dr Ian Philp MD CBE

Dr Ian PhilpFounder of Age Care Technologies Chair, British Society of Gerontology Special Interest Group on Ageing, Business and Society


Associate Professor Lee Kheng Hock

Deputy CEO (Education and Community Partnerships) SingHealth Community Hospitals

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