SUSS Dialogue Session: Master in Boundary-Crossing Learning and Leadership

The Master in Boundary-Crossing Learning and Leadership (MBX) is a novel, transdisciplinary-focused, cutting-edge and innovative programme which was created to accelerate the capacities of Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector professionals and leaders, and those who function as organisational change-makers, to cope with, strategise within and lead in a highly disruptive world. 

The focus on leadership, learning, cross-boundary change and innovation is based on the understanding of the dynamic and rapidly evolving external environment where the constant and disruptive shifts in the global environment and the changing nature of work demands an equally rapid and in-depth up-skilling to handle such a context.

Unique Features of the Programme

The following features demonstrate the unique characteristics of the MBX programme, including the:

  • flexible nature of the programme, with four independent Graduate Certificates making up the programme, emphasis on practice and application, and multiple entry and exit points to enable working adults to more easily take on the programme;
  • introduction of industry mentors to enhance practice applicability of all that is explored in the programme, and extend industry links and networks to all learners;
  • modelling of learning and pedagogical innovation as developed by Institute for Adult Learning (IAL); and
  • opportunity to hone and specialise in either the learning or leadership tracks, with both tracks benefitting from the unique boundary-crossing feature of the programme.

Meet the Head of Programme at the live dialogue session to find out more and have your questions answered.  Register now!


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