SUSS Dialogue Session: Master of Early Childhood Education

In Singapore and around the world, there has been increasing emphasis on providing quality care and education to children as governments recognise the importance of investing early in their well-being and development. High quality early childhood care and education services require well-trained and continuously improving educators. Therefore, there is a need to prepare more knowledgeable teacher educators and professional developers within education systems to support teachers’ continued growth and development.

The revised Master of Early Childhood Education Programme (MECED-SPE-SPE) has two tracks:
- Teacher Trainer
- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The goal of the programme is to support existing professional developers, trainers and curriculum developers as well as enhance curriculum leadership and pedagogical knowledge amongst early childhood educators (teachers and leaders included).

The programme has also broadened its admission criteria to support related educational professionals who need to design the curriculum, training and provide continuous learning and development opportunities for early childhood educators within ECCE organisations as well as the ECCE sector-at-large.

Unique Features of the Programme

  • Contemporary findings in research on child development and quality ECCE
  • Adult-learning or TESOL theories/strategies that can be applied to ECCE teacher training and development contexts
  • Application of research-based practices into the design of workshops and courses for early childhood teachers
  • Courses taught by academics and practitioners with a blend of local and global perspectives
  • Classes scheduled to suit the needs of working adults, in short bursts of face-to-face seminars and with plenty of self-directed learning materials
  • Assignments revolving around real-world problems and contexts
  • The only autonomous university in Singapore to offer a master's degree for early childhood education with either Teacher Trainer or TESOL specialisation

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