Early childhood teachers are often beloved by children as they make learning activities exciting and fun with materials such as flashlights, shadow puppets, mirrors, sand, water, rocks, ramps and cars. But beyond offering fun activities, how effective are teachers in supporting children's thinking and exploration in science through these activities? What does it mean for children to learn about science, beyond facts and vocabulary?

How much do early childhood educators notice about children's theory-building when they are engaged in these “fun” activities? And how much subject knowledge do teachers need or have to better support children's scientific inquiry process rather than impart science facts to children? What is it that early childhood teachers need to know about the science behind physics activities that children love to engage in? How can this knowledge help teachers deepen children's thinking and engagement in science?

The aim of this workshop is to strengthen teachers' own subject knowledge by focusing on physics concepts related to the study of light and the study of sinking and floating. The session will be interactive, in that participants will be able to contribute ideas for subsequent workshops on "sciencing" with children.



Dr Christine Chaillé
Christine Chaillé is Professor Emeritus after serving in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University since 1991, focusing on early childhood education. Her doctorate is from UCLA.

She studied with Jean Piaget at the University of Geneva and is the author of 'Constructivism Across the Early Childhood Curriculum: Big Ideas as Inspiration', and co-author of 'The Young Child as Scientist: A Constructivist Approach to Early Childhood Science Education' and 'Integrating Math and Science in Early Childhood Classrooms Through Big Ideas: A Constructivist Approach'.

Her publications primarily centre on the importance of children's play and constructivism. She currently works with schools in Peru and Prague, in addition to consulting across the US. She continues to work as a pedagogical consultant to the Helen Gordon Child Development Center at Portland State University.


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