Let's Talk Business 2021 - Seminar 2: Risk Management and Artificial Intelligence, Moving Forward

Let's Talk Business



This talk will focus on sharing about Sustainable AI. It is about nurturing AI technology, ecosystem, and research to withstand the cycle of the technology hype and greed to meet the needs of humanity, balancing economic needs, autonomy, governance, and ethics. The thought leadership behind this talk is really about enabling the digital transformation of society and organisations with AI towards Autonomous Enterprise.

Re-imagining the future of AI today...

  • Autonomous Enterprise - Rethinking organisation and ecosystem with AI;
  • AI Governance - The design and technologies for AI Risk management; and 
  • AI 3.0 - Third generation AI after symbolic reasoning and machine learning



Andeed MaAndeed Ma
President, Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS)

Andeed has been a cloud-business and risk management leader for more than 12 years in large SaaS enterprises. He sits in the Board of Advisors to NUS Angel Ventures advising on the market and team risk management, supports SUSS Venture Builder Programme as an Industry Advisor and Mentor, and also an Adjunct Lecturer in SUSS for ANL505 Hyperautomation. He is also the present President of a non-profit risk association in Singapore known as RIMAS, and a committee member in an A.I. leadership think tank known as AIII (Artificial Intelligence International Institute). He is presently involved in commercial operation and enablement works for an internet unicorn.

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