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Sociovation Forum 2023

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For Singapore Students:

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Fully-funded by Temasek Foundation, the College of Interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning brings back Sociovation Forum 2023, with a focus on creating powerful social media campaigns to address the challenges posed by the misuse of internet technology such as internet fraud, fake news, and hate speech. Sociovation will continue to bring youths from Singapore and the region together.

Post-program, student groups may apply for grants. Grants of up to $3000 Singapore dollars per group will be awarded to 5 groups who wish to initiate and implement changes in an ASEAN community through their campaigns.

About Sociovation Forum 2023

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Held in-person, Sociovation Forum 2023 will further refine or pivot, and prototype the ground-up social media campaign ideas generated by 2022’s participants that address issues of internet fraud, fake news, and hate speech. This year, participants will attend workshops and mentorship sessions, prototype and test ideas with specific stakeholders (e.g. youth, children, elderly) in Singapore.

At the end of the 8-day programme, students will collaboratively build a working prototype, as well as draw out plans to launch a parallel campaign in one or more ASEAN countries.


[Grant] Supporting your ideas to make a difference

Post programme
If you are keen to further your project, students can research or test ideas in your local community.
August 2023, groups will be invited to submit a proposal for grants to actualise their projects. Up to 5 groups will be awarded with grants of up to $3000 Singapore dollars. The composition of the group can be made up of a mix of Sociovation Forum participants and non-participants.


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Our Speakers

Target Participants

Students who are passionate about using digital advocacy for social impact.

  • 40 Undergraduates in Singapore
  • 40 Undergraduates in ASEAN
  • 15 Sociovation Alumni


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What type of prior knowledge is required?
We do not expect participants to have experience in social media. It is more important you can demonstrate passion in using digital advocacy for social impact. Prior leadership experience is also very helpful.

Where can I view social media campaign ideas generated from 2022’s programme?
View 2022’s programme ideas here.

I am a graduate student. Am I eligible to join the programme as a participant?
Students in postgraduate programmes are not eligible. E.g. Graduate Diploma, Masters, and Doctorates.

Which schools and universities are invited to apply as participants
Undergraduates in Singapore & ASEAN

I am an undergraduate student in my final/graduating semester. Am I eligible for the programme?
If you are graduating from university after July 2023, you are eligible to apply.

What type of funding is offered to selected Singaporean participants? Full sponsorship for:

  • Programme fee, which includes, workshops, learning journeys, cultural and team-bonding activities.
  • Accomodation. Local students are expected to stay in the accomodation provided for the duration of the programme.
  • Some meals and transportation allowance are provided.

What type of funding is offered to selected Overseas participants? Full sponsorship for:

  • Programme fee, which includes, workshops, learning journeys, cultural and team-bonding activities.
  • Flights to and from Singapore, accommodation, meals, and transportation costs will be covered
  • Domestic travel for overseas participants (to cover cost of travel to and from international airport)
  • COVID-19 Tests (if required)
  • Travel insurance coverage 

What kind of accomodation is provided and where will it be located?
Participants will receive twin-sharing accommodation throughout the duration of the programme. We will inform successful applicants of the location at a later date.

Can i choose to stay elsewhere instead of the accommodation provided?
No, staying in the accommodation provided is mandatory for participants.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply as a participant?
1. Undergraduate
2. At least in your 2nd semester of study at your home university
3. Strong leadership and/or co-curricular involvement 
4. English proficiency 
5. Able to travel and commit to the entire period of the Forum in Singapore
Candidates may be asked to attend a Zoom interview during the selection process.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply as a Sociovation Alumni?
1. Attended previous runs of Sociovation (2019-2022).
2. Currently engaged in ground up initiatives or doing research or working in relevant domains such as social media, advocacy campaigning, elderly, youth, children, fake news, internet fraud and hate speech.
3. Passionate about supporting youth and community development. 

What are the role of a Sociovation Alumni?
1. You are expected to share your knowledge and insights in the relevant domains (e.g. social media, work with community) and value add as regional mentors to student group projects. 
2. Design 1 activity with other Alumni, to be implemented during the forum.
3. Guide mentee groups throughout the forum.

Can Sociovation Alumni members tap on post programme grant?
Yes, you can submit proposal for grant with a group.

How will I know if I am selected?
Selected applicants will be shortlisted for a zoom interview round before the list of participants is finalised. All applicants will be notified of the selection outcome via email by early May 2023.

I want to implement my Sociovation project, when and how do I apply for the post programme grant?
Call for proposal submission will be made in August 2023. Interested students can apply for the grant via SUSS Office of Global Programmes.

What is the criteria for awarding the grant?
1. Composition of the group can be made up of a mix of Sociovation Forum participants and non-participant
2. Present a 1 year plan with clearly defined project milestones 
3. Assigned member roles
4. Draw out outreach plans to local communities, or collaborations with other stakeholders/sectors (social organisations, tech companies, youth groups)
5. Feasibility and sustainability of proposed project 
6. Budgeting
7. The project must be implemented in an ASEAN country.

What is the duration of the grant? 
1 year.

What are the accepted COVID-19 Vaccinations for Entry to Singapore Travellers?
Please refer here to find out the accepted COVID-19 Vaccinations and the minimum dose interval period.

What are the tests needed for Overseas Participants entry to Singapore?
Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to take a pre-departure test before departing for Singapore.

Please refer to Checklist for Fully Vaccinated Travellers (ica.gov.sg)

What are the documents needed to enter Singapore? 
1. Accepted proof of vaccinations
2. Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from your home country.
3. Complete your SG Arrival Card (SGAC) within 3 days before your arrival in Singapore
4. COVID-19 Insurance Policy
5. Valid Visa (for visa-required visitors)

Please refer to Checklist for Fully Vaccinated Travellers (ica.gov.sg)






For enquiries, please write to suss_global@suss.edu.sg.

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