Style Yourself Confidently with Love, Bonito

About the Event

Specially for the working ladies of SUSS! Whether youre a fan of Love, Bonito, or simply curious about how to dress according to your body type, come join us for this casual virtual session at the comfort of your home. Love, Bonito presents a special styling workshop that allows you to discover your body shape and tips and tricks to accentuate and elevate your everyday style accordingly.


Educate the Participants on how they can dress themselves with ease and confidence.


  • Introduction to Love, Bonito
  • Outfit Presentation
  • Hands On Activity: Find your body shape
  • Live Q&A


This session will be conducted by Stella Ong from Love, Bonito.

With prior background as a fashion stylist and experience as one of Love, Bonito pioneer designer, Stella, has worked on various different collections and lines that walked through journeys with Love, Bonito customers. Stella currently heads up the Style Ambassadors - a unique and essential team of in-store stylists who live out the heart of Love, Bonito.

Armed with an infectious spirit, upbeat personality and the desire to help women become better version of themselves one at a time, Stella plays an integral part in translating the Love, Bonito DNA into the relatable and engaging content that they share through their styling workshops.


Student FeeFree

Event Highlights

On Saturday, 29 August 2020, 62 students participated in "Style Yourself Confidently with Love, Bonito" workshop held via Zoom.

Stella Ong, the Head Style Ambassador from Love, Bonito, conducted the styling workshop. During the session, there were 3 different segments. In the first segment, Stella introduced 4 different models which represented the 4 most common body types in different outfits. Among the models, there were the Hourglass, Triangle, Inverted Triangle and Rectangle body types. With the 4 different outfits Stella put up together for the models, she showcased the best ways to dress according to your body types.

In the 2nd segment, Stella shared on how we can identify our body type. The participants were given time to measure their body measurements. Stella then shared a formula which they could apply to find their own body type. With the advice Stella shared during the outfit presentation, the participants were able to apply the knowledge in dressing themselves.

In the last segment, Stella conducted a Q&A session and our participants started pouring their questions into the chat. This portion of the workshop allowed many to clarify their doubts and learn about how they can style themselves. The workshop then ended with a photo-taking session and the participants each walked away with a special promotion code for Love, Bonito products to start their styling adventure!

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