iPad Workshop for Early Years Educators: Igniting Play and Creativity

This workshop session helps early years educators to harness the potential of iPad technology to enhance play-based learning and foster creativity. Through this experience, educators will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies required to integrate iPads effectively into their classrooms, encouraging active exploration, imaginative play, and artistic expression.

As educators become proficient and productive with the features on the iPad, they will gain confidence with creating content using Apple apps and good role models for purposeful integration of technology into learning. There will be opportunities for educators to reflect on their learning and experiences during the workshop and support to develop action plans for integrating iPads, play, and creativity into their early childhood classrooms. 

Experience creativity and learning on the iPad and learn practical skills on how to utilise the various tools on the iPad to enhance the classroom activities.

Some of the focus areas of this workshop include: 

  • Integrating Technology: Effective use of iPad technology in the classroom
  • Nurturing artistic skills: Creativity with Apple Pencil 
  • Fostering artistic expression: Video Creation 
  • Enhancing physical play: Augmented Reality on iOS

Target Audience: Educators/ Practitioners



Ms Sharon Teo


Sharon Teo is currently Head, of Operations at Star Learners Group which provides quality care and education to young children.

Sharon brings with her 24 years of experience working with young children, Sharon leads a team of senior centre leaders in managing 43 preschool centres across Singapore. Sharon is responsible for the day-to-day operations in the organization and ensures strict adherence to quality standards in all the centres.

Sharon takes on a myriad of other responsibilities as she enjoys working with people all around. Sharon works with trainee early childhood educators, Primary and Secondary students, providing the necessary guidance and mentorship. Not forgetting to mention that Sharon bags ‘Best Champion Trainer’ award by Mindchamps consecutively for two years in a row. 

Sharon conducts parents’ workshops, giving parental talks and offers parenting tips that deal with the emerging issues with growing children. 

Presenter 2


Ms Joanne Chia 

Joanne-ChiaJoanne Chia is a passionate technology enthusiast dedicated to using technology to transform lives. She has strong interest in working with both the early years and inclusive community. 

With a passion in media and education, Joanne has been working closely with educators from various K-12 institutions for the past 20 years in developing age-appropriate IT-infused programmes for students.

Since 2015, Joanne has been supporting one of Singapore's Anchor Operator Preschools in their technology lighthouse initiatives. Her role involves introducing user-friendly and intuitive Apple technologies to enhance classroom activities and engage young learners effectively. She conducts one-on-one training and workshops to create awareness about technology among preschool educators and parents, sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Joanne firmly believes in an educational approach that involves teaching learners the process and providing opportunities for them to discover, explore, and experience what the world has to offer beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Her unwavering commitment to education and her passion for leveraging technology enables her to make a meaningful impact on the lives of learners.

Joanne Chia has a Bachelor of Science in Information System and International Business from New York University and Master of Arts in Media Studies from New School University. She has been certified as Apple Professional Learning Specialist in June 2022 and Apple Product Professional since 2014. She is also an ACTA certified trainer since Nov 2017.

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