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Build the Change (BtC) is the LEGO Group’s flagship engagement & education platform to provide access to learning through play, and inspire and mobilise children to build a sustainable future.

Through BtC, children develop their creativity, problem solving, collaboration and communication skills. It immerses children in a real-world planet and people challenge and inspires them to use LEGO® bricks and other creative materials to ideate and express their ideas & solutions. Children then share their ideas and visions with each other and us, to become the next generation of changemakers and inspire leaders today.

BtC adopts a simple and effective three step process which has been reviewed by children around the world for over a decade.


We believe with a thoughtful and meaningful challenge question to spur the children to ideate and express themselves creatively, it would serve as great inspiration for people viewing the creations and allow the children to showcase their talents as well.

The LEGO Group has also designed and curated, with the support of our global partners, educator packs which are meant to support the conduct of BtC workshops in the classroom. Each educator pack is equipped with presentation slides, talking points, videos and guidelines to enable an enriching and playful learning experience for the students.

    Target Audience: Centre Directors/Principals



    Mr Ian Chen


    Ian Chen is the Social Impact & Partnerships Senior Manager at the LEGO Group and leads their social responsibility efforts in the APAC region. Through a variety of social impact initiatives and collaborations with other like-minded partners, the LEGO Group is committed to become a global leader in Learning through Play and champion children’s right to learn and play, and in the process inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

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