Puppetry for education, exploring puppeteering and object theatre for student development

PLAY begins with the manipulation and imagination of the space, objects, and living things around us. This session demonstrates the pedagogy of puppetry in its simpler forms of puppet-making and puppeteering with basic, easy to access materials suited for the classroom. Participants will be introduced to the puppet as learning device, pedagogies of puppet making and show-and-tell, and will be invited to design a workshop of their own.

The session will proceed as follows:

  • Introduction to the puppet and puppetry as a pedagogy for play, the basics of a puppet’s design
  • Breakout sessions: preparing for the show-and-tell through puppetry
  • Reflection and discussion on the pedagogy of a puppet creation workshop
  • Designing your own puppet workshop
  • Questions for the presenter
Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of puppet arts that makes storytelling much more compelling and accessible for the performer and their young audience. They will have the opportunity to create a puppet of their own, receive tips on how to use objects and puppeteering for storytelling and group collaborations, as well as how to teach and educate with a puppet-based session. They will be provided a hands-on experience with materials provided by the facilitator as a starting point for them to design workshops and sessions for their own goals and capacities. They will also learn how puppetry has been useful for socio-emotional learning, developing communication skills, and encouraging creativity.

The puppet arts is easy to access and highly rewarding as a pedagogical tool, at the same time provides an alternative approach to education through digital technologies. This session is highly recommended for educators keen to include the art form within their teaching spaces and their curriculum.

    Target Audience: Educators/ Practitioners



    Mr Terence Tan Si Peng


    Terence Tan Si Peng (he/him) is an artist, arts manager, and community arts facilitator of over 10 years experience and is based in Singapore. With the not-for-profit he founded, Artsolute, he has designed and led puppetry, drama, and visual arts workshops for children and the elderly in Singapore, designed and held puppetry workshops for vulnerable communities in Southeast Asia, and co-facilitated interdisciplinary devising sessions for traditional and professional puppeteers and puppet arts educators across Southeast Asia as well.

    He is now the lead consultant for UNIMA International, a global puppetry association of over 7,000 members from more than 85 countries, and volunteers in activities such as aid for victims of war and disaster and programming to address the interests and needs of next-generation puppeteers.

    Terence is an alumni of the National University of Singapore, having graduated with a Masters degree in Theatre Studies.

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