Rethinking Creativity playfully and musically in schools


Is creativity all about thinking out or inside the box? How do we embrace creativity within the boundaries of our curriculum and system? How do we empower the next generation to deliver the not-yet imagined?

In this interactive and kinesthetic-based workshop, leaders will be challenged to rethink the definition of creativity and how it can be translated into practices in their preschools. The power of creative constraints will be further explored through hands-on activities. This workshop will also look at how creativity can be manifested inside the box/ boundaries/ constraints, which in turn allows the leaders to re-think and re-imagine strategies and ideas in their daily practices.

    Target Audience: Centre Directors/Principals

    Presenter 1


    Ms Lavina Chong Wei Li 

    Lavina ChongLavina Chong has been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 33 years, as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, professional staff development instructor, consultant, curriculum specialist, conference speaker and a University professor.

    She is the Managing Director of Wigglepods Pte Ltd, a creative music movement company, that specialises in the arts for children 0-12 years. 

    Presenter 2


    Ms Grace Ter Yin Wei  

    Grace-TerGrace Ter has been a music & movement educator for twelve years. She is trained and certified in Kodaly and Orff methods of early childhood music pedagogies, and plays the organ, piano, guitar and ukulele for leisure.

    Besides teaching young children, Grace is also a curriculum specialist and teacher trainer for both preschool and primary school teachers. 

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