Teacher inquiry: Exploring possibilities to strengthen quality play-based interactions 

Join us for this two-hour concurrent session, where our ECE faculty members will explore the role of teacher inquiry in early childhood education settings in Singapore. By examining classroom practices and making improvements based on first-hand observations of young children, educators can choose their own growth and strengthen play-based interactions. 

The session will start with an introduction to teacher inquiry, emphasising the importance of teacher reflections and wonderings based on their observations of children's needs and interests. A panel presentation will follow, featuring students who have completed their teacher inquiry projects on play-based topics. During the Q&A segment, participants can ask questions and gain insights from the presentations. This is followed by a gallery walk featuring 4-6 teacher-inquiry posters based on our students’ research. The posters will mainly focus on three components: the study, key findings, and implications for professional practices.

Finally, participants will complete a mini-reflective task to connect their key learnings from this session to their professional practices. The session will conclude with closing remarks that highlight the key takeaways.

    Target Audience: Educators/ Practitioners

    Presenter 1


    Dr. G Kaveri 


    Dr. G Kaveri is a senior lecturer in the early childhood education department at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has over twenty years of experience in education and works with in-service and pre-service early childhood educators.

    Her research interests include child-centred guidance, sustainability education, home-school partnership and quality teacher-child interactions.

    Presenter 2


    Dr. Li Jiayao 

    LiJiaYaoDr. Li Jiayao is a lecturer in the early childhood education department at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She teaches modules in research methods in early childhood education and is either leading or involved in a few ongoing research projects.

    Her research interests include early childhood education quality, STEM in early childhood education, and parent-child interaction.

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