SUSS SmartMesh Workshop 2021

Metaverse Technical Track (Designing & Deploying Decentralised Applications)

The SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops, started in 2020, are a series of workshops consisting of lectures, demos, and hands-on coding. The audience can explore new tools, such as blockchain, mesh networks, and the HyperMesh architecture from the workshops. Furthermore, they can learn how these tools are used to address inclusivity issues. The 2021 Series will be a Technical Track focusing on in-depth components of blockchain technology.

This 60-hour Technical Track of the 2021 Series is a highly practical and hands-on coding workshop spanning two months from December 2021 to January 2022. The workshop is structured for participants to acquire essential skillsets to start designing, developing, and deploying DApp (Decentralized Application) to a blockchain. The workshop will consist of approximately 50% recorded video and 50% face-to-face interaction where students will be working in the group of 5-6 students to create their DApp project. At the end of the workshop, students will present their DApp project with a website interface by applying all their acquired skillsets.

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