SBIZ Sustainable Web3 SG 2023




The SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023, jointly organised by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT) and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, is a side event to the Singapore FinTech Festival. The conference will take place on 14th November 2023 in Singapore. Huawei Cloud is the title sponsor for this event. 

The conference's primary focus is to facilitate in-depth discussions on key topics, such as sustainable Web3, Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), and Regenerative Finance (ReFi). During the event, we will explore the most current developments in Web3, its regulatory landscape, and strategies for advancing innovation while ensuring the security of Web3 ecosystems. The conference's goal is to foster the creation of a sustainable internet built on blockchain technology, empower individuals through robust and decentralised physical network infrastructure, and harness blockchain and fintech innovations for the betterment of both the environment and society.

DePIN stands as a noteworthy narrative within the realm of Web3, serving as a pivotal bridge between the tangible and digital realms. With its core mission centred on "commencing the journey towards establishing a more equitable and efficient infrastructure network," DePIN possesses the capacity to revolutionise conventional infrastructure sectors, encompassing cloud and storage networks, wireless networks, sensor networks, energy networks, and more. This disruptive potential has the power to catalyse the extensive integration of Web3 applications and promote the sustainable evolution of the Web3 ecosystem.

SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023 will be inviting experts, thought leaders and scholars to discuss topics related to sustainable Web3, providing in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities of Web3. 


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