Taming the Monkey Mind: A Mindfulness Approach to Managing Life's Stressors and Challenges

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About the Event


Most of the time we cope reasonably well with stressful, challenging situations. We learn from these episodes and are wiser when it comes to new hurdles. However, there may be times when we have to face many obstacles at the same time, even before a previous one has been resolved. When we are overwhelmed, we tend not to think clearly, and the decisions we make may further worsen the situations. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in helping us stay grounded, not 'all over the place'. This workshop aims to give participants some basic tools to manage themselves through steadying our thoughts and minds, our emotions, and our behaviours. Some time will be allocated for Q&A.

Preparation for Workshop

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Quiet, comfortable place, away from external distractions
  • A few pieces of biscuits
  • Think of some questions on this topic to clarify towards the last 15 minutes of the workshop


Alan Yeo, Senior Counsellor at C-three (Counselling & Life-Coaching), believes in sharing proven life skills in managing our lives (behaviours, emotions, thoughts), so that we live and interact with others more meaningfully. Besides counselling staff and students at SUSS, Alan sees family and couples in his private practice. He is the co-editor of 'Solution Focused Practice in Asia' (Routledge, 2017). He also lectures and supervises at other counselling education institutions and agencies.


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Event Highlights

With exams around the corner, it is timely for the University to run events that would center on relaxation techniques to relieve one's stress. So it was no surprise that  13 students tuned in to Zoom to experience the Mindfulness Workshop, titled, "Taming the Monkey Mind: A mindfulness approach to managing life's stressors and challenges", on the evening of 15 October.

The workshop was facilitated by Senior Counsellor, Alan Yeo, who is from C-three (Counselling & Life-Coaching) Centre in SUSS.

He started off the workshop with an outline of the following:

  • What is mindfulness
  • Why mindfulness is important
  • How mindfulness can work for you
  • Let's do it (practice session)

In the workshop, Alan defined most minds as being like a "monkey mind", in that it is mischievous, and is everywhere except where you want it to be. This is as opposed to the "tamed mind", where it would enable one to "see" situations more clearly, allowing him to consider important factors such as relationships and also how one endeavours to make better decisions so as to have lesser regrets.

However, he did inform the participants that mindfulness is not a quick fix, for religious meditation or to be considered as a replacement for medicine and therapy.

The participants were also encouraged to participate actively throughout the session, especially during the exercise segment which was conducted through a video. They were told to wear light and comfortable clothing and then relax themselves by breathing deeply in a darkened room, whilst listening to the calming online voice instructions to practise mindfulness. The calming two hour session ended with a short round of Q&A with the participants

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