Thinking Train Series: Combating Financial Crime

A Sharing by Mr T. Raja Kumar, President of the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF)

Thinking Train Series - Combating Financial Crime


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As part of the PSS ‘Thinking Train Series’, the Public Safety and Security Interest Group (PSS IG) and Office of Student Life (OST) are proud to present, “Combating Financial Crime – A Sharing by Mr T. Raja Kumar, President of the Financial Action Taskforce”.

Mr Raja will be sharing insights on issues related to financial crimes and its implications on public safety and security in Singapore.

Financial crime is growing in scale and complexity. Today, scams represent one of the fastest growing crime categories globally. Mr Raja will share on how his priorities as President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) aim to make a global difference in the fight against such crimes.

About Mr T. Raja Kumar

Mr T. Raja Kumar is currently President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the first Singaporean to be selected to take on the role. He is also Senior Advisor for international matters at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), where he advises and helps the Ministry on developing international policies, partnerships and engagements.

In Mr Raja’s past 36 years of serving in MHA and the Singapore Police Force (SPF), he held various senior leadership roles, including Deputy Commissioner (Policy) at the SPF, Chief Executive of the Home Team Academy, pioneer Chief Executive of the Casino Regulatory Authority, Senior Deputy Director of the Commercial Affairs Department and Director of the Police Intelligence Department. As a passionate advocate for FATF and its work, he firmly believes in its mission and ability to make a global difference. Mr Raja, who holds a LLB (Hons.) degree from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Philosophy (Criminology & Law) degree from the University of Cambridge, is also an Adjunct Professor with SUSS School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences.

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