94% of SUSS 2020 full-time graduates employed within 6 months of graduation.

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94% of SUSS fresh graduates secure employment despite COVID-19 pandemic

Singapore, 19 February 2021 – Around 94% or 307 of Singapore University of Social Sciences’ (SUSS) full-time fresh graduates from the Class of 2020 in the labour force secured employment within six months of completing their final examinations. This indicates a continued strong demand for SUSS graduates despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an increase from the overall proportion in employment at 89.4%[1] last year.   

The results were revealed in the annual Joint Autonomous Universities Graduate Employment Survey (JAUGES), jointly conducted by SUSS and the other Autonomous Universities.

A total of 328 out of the 370 graduates from the Class of 2020 participated in the survey – a response rate of 88.6%. They were from the Accountancy, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), Social Work and Supply Chain Management (SCM) programmes. Among SUSS’s pioneer batch of full-time graduates, 100% from ECE, 97.3% from Social Work, and 88.0% from the SCM programmes were employed within six months of completing their final examinations.

SUSS’s third batch of full-time Accountancy and Marketing graduates who entered the labour force in 2020, continue to be in high demand with an overall employment rate of 94.6% and 92.1% respectively.

The mean and median gross monthly salaries of SUSS graduates in full-time permanent employment were $3,238 and $3,000 respectively in 2020. SUSS’ graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Finance programme posted the strongest salary outcomes overall, earning the highest mean and third-highest median salaries of $3,854 and $3,163 respectively.

Graduates credited SUSS for its strong focus in applied learning and industry-relevant curriculum.  Their learning journeys were grounded in SUSS’ core philosophy of ‘Head, Heart, Habit’, in which they are prepared to be well-rounded talents that are professionally competent, socially conscious, and lifelong learners.  

SUSS President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat said, “SUSS is proud and privileged to be part of our graduates’ education journey, and giving them a holistic and cross-disciplinary learning experience. Despite COVID-19, our graduates remain in high demand, testifying to our university’s industry-relevant and applied teaching pedagogies that prepare them well for the workplace. Coupled with our ‘Head, Heart, Habit’ education that SUSS has given them, I am confident that our graduates will make their mark for the greater good of society.”

How has SUSS helped our graduating students find jobs?

Most graduates found that SUSS’s Career Services had a positive impact on them and that SUSS had prepared them for the job market.

SUSS’s Career Development Office curates and facilitates a wide spectrum of work-related programmes, courses and workshops to support students in their transition from the university to the workforce. Students receive training in personal branding, job search and interviewing skills, opportunities to engage with industry practitioners through talks, company visits and networking sessions, and career-related coaching and advice from career mentors. Because of SUSS’s small cohort size, the students get more personalised advice from career mentors.

A work attachment of minimally 24 weeks is a graduation requirement in all SUSS full-time degree programmes. The stint exposes students to authentic work environments, provides opportunities for the application and development of skills and competences, as well as facilitates the assimilation of work ethics and soft skills for work. Every student on work attachment is paired with a career mentor who guides the student throughout the learning experience. These mentors bring with them a wealth of commercial and professional experience, strong connections in many industry sectors and deep knowledge of industry trends and developments, all of which are important in helping students be competitive in the job market.

In addition to the work attachment, other graduation requirements include the overseas experience (during Covid-19, SUSS students undergo virtual internship and exposure programmes), as well as service-learning and community engagement initiatives. The e-portfolio and SUSS Core[2] courses, together with the academic curriculum, round up the suite of academic and experiential components of a holistic education that focuses on developing the Head, Heart and Habit of every graduate of SUSS.

What do SUSS graduates say about the University’s educational experience?
Early Childhood Education

 “The ECE training was very hard to go through and it came with many struggles. But without these struggles, we would never have become the teachers we are today.” - Tan Yifen Samantha, SUSS Early Childhood Education graduate

Tan Yifen Samantha (陈仪芬) graduated from SUSS with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (ECE) with Psychology.

A teacher at GU+MMI Smart Kids Pte Ltd, Samantha has a very clear goal in mind and that is to eventually run her own preschool centre. SUSS played a huge role in her professional development and cemented her conviction on the importance of early childhood care and education.

The ECE programme required students to apply theories to practice throughout their undergraduate studies with SUSS. She and her course mates were able to apply what they have learned in class during practicum lessons and at the preschools they were attached to. They were trained to be reflective and intentional teachers.

Samantha enjoyed most the reflection sessions with her SUSS professors. “The culture in SUSS is supportive and warm, and we had a lot of support from our professors,” she added.

Samantha said the ECE programme challenged her by offering a different perspective of how ECE should be. It has taught her how to lead, make changes and empower our young children.

Her overseas experience in Beijing also helped her understand more about preschools there. It was truly an eye opener as it offered her a glimpse into the leadership styles of preschool educators there.

She set up Hearty Kids with her co-founder as her service learning project in SUSS. It offers her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and again, to practise her ECE skills.

At her current work, she always recalls what her professors told her – that is, to align to the school’s teaching philosophy and curriculum. She feels extremely excited that she is able to apply what she has learned in the University and she is looking forward to seeing its effect on young children.

Social Work

“My four years in SUSS was transformational. Apart from the modules and two practicum experiences which equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a career in the social sector, SUSS also provided holistic student development opportunities. My overseas study mission allowed me to gain meaningful insights on the social service landscape beyond Singapore.” – Nasuha Binte Ramin, SUSS Social Work graduate

Nasuha Binte Ramin graduated from SUSS with a Bachelor in Social Work. She is currently working as a social worker at a Thye Hua Kwan Family Service Centre branch, where she does case management and community outreach for residents in Bedok North.

A desire and passion to help others led Nasuha, who has a diploma in Banking and Finance from Singapore Polytechnic, down the social service path. Prior to applying for the full-time social work programme at SUSS in 2016, she was encouraged by her then-employer to complete the SSI Higher Diploma in Social Service (now known as the WSQ Diploma in Social Service) so that she had the necessary qualifications to enter the social service sector.

Although graduating in the midst of a pandemic was not part of Nasuha’s plan, she intentionally put off job-hunting to set aside time to rest following her final assignment submission. Worried that her late start coupled with the tightening labour market would make it difficult for her to secure a job, Nasuha was pleasantly surprised when she heard back from three organisations within her first week. She credits this to her journey with SUSS, which prepared her to be job-ready. In particular, she found the use of the e-Portfolio useful in preparing her well for her job search. 

Nasuha found her four years in SUSS to be transformational. Apart from the modules and her two practicum experiences, which equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a career in the social sector, SUSS also provided holistic student development opportunities. Her overseas study mission to Vietnam had allowed her to gain meaningful insights on the social service landscape beyond Singapore.

During her time at SUSS, Nasuha co-led a Service Learning project, which provided an avenue for people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) to participate in outdoor activities. The project (literally) encouraged “stepping outside one’s comfort zone”. For the PWID, these outdoor walks allowed them to partake in activities beyond their centre. For Nasuha, it was the opportunity to interact and serve a community she was less familiar with.

As part of the pioneer batch of full-time social work student graduating during such uncertain times, Nasuha is grateful and appreciative of the faculty efforts in sharing available job opportunities in the sector with the cohort. Besides tapping on the connections given by their lecturers, they were also able to hear first-hand experience of working in the sector from these faculty members who are social work practitioners themselves.

Nasuha started doing casework in her second month on the job. She feels that the organisation’s culture is conducive in helping her become a better social worker as she is able to approach her more experienced colleagues for case discussions if needed. Having worked at Thye Hua Kwan for eight months, Nasuha has encountered some stressful situations – but she finds it fulfilling being able to support and journey with her clients in improving their lives.

SUSS Accountancy

“The SUSS Accountancy programme and its career readiness programmes helped me secure a job.  The career readiness skills that I gained in SUSS are important especially for Junior College students like me, who have no prior internship experience. These programmes prepared and enabled me to compete confidently with other accountancy graduates from other universities.” – Muhammad Adil Afiq, SUSS Accountancy Graduate

Mr Muhammad Adil Afiq Bin Ibrahim graduated from SUSS with a Bachelor of Accountancy.

Presently working at Moore Stephens as an Audit Associate under the SGUnited Traineeships programme, Muhammad Adil Afiq is able to practise what he learnt at SUSS.

His time in SUSS including his six months audit work attachment prepared him for his current role by providing him with relevant auditing knowledge and skillsets. The career workshops conducted by the University’s Career Development Office prepared and equipped him with job-seeking advice ahead of graduation.

During his time in SUSS, Muhammad Adil Afiq’s participation in service learning programmes enabled him to improve his communication skills, which are transferrable to his audit work.  

– END –

[1] This refers to the number of graduates working in full-time permanent, part-time, temporary employment or freelancing, as a proportion of graduates in the labour force (i.e. those who are working, and those who are not working but are actively looking and available for work) as at 1 November 2020.

[2] The SUSS Core courses provide a common experience in the humanities and applied social sciences to all SUSS undergraduate students to achieve the broader goals of cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies, and emphasises the importance and role of human skills in a technologised world. It offers a dedicated cluster of courses focused on emerging and complex local and global issues, teaching students to think critically, reflexively, empathetically, and creatively to provide well-reasoned personal responses as well as responses as trained professionals in their respective areas.



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