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Ageing Asia and SUSS join forces to organise the world’s biggest ageing festival in Singapore

Singapore, 12 May 2023 – Ageing Asia 2023 – The World Ageing Festival (14th Edition) is co-organised for the first time with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), featuring the inaugural Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival, with 2,000 global industry leaders from 21 countries and 3,000 seniors expected to attend.

This business and academia collaboration sends a strong signal of confidence for the growth of Singapore’s silver economy, opening the doors for cross-sector and public-private partnerships to build a strong and robust ageing ecosystem for the future of ageing. By 2025, the Asia Pacific ageing market is projected at US$4.56 trillion. Top sectors that will lead the growth include technology innovations for health and wellbeing, assisted living, manpower and capability development, wellness, and rehabilitation.

Guest-of-Honour of the Festival will be Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and Mayor, Southwest District Member of Parliament, Chua Chu Kang GRC, Republic of Singapore.

Other key government participants include:

  • Dr Päivi Sillanaukee, Special Envoy for Health and Wellbeing, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Government of Finland
  • Mr Yoshiaki Takahashi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister, Embassy of Japan in Singapore
  • Ms Yasuko Arase, Deputy Mayor, Fukuoka City, Government of Japan
  • Dr Maliki, Acting Deputy Minister for Population and Labour Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning Agency, Government of Indonesia
  • Dr The Honourable Lam Ching-choi, SBS, JP, Member of the Executive Council, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The People’s Republic of China, and CEO, Haven of Hope Christian Service, Hong Kong SAR

“This mutual partnership will foster development of global industry connections for SUSS students and provide the care sector with access to a future workforce and early-stage projects. The coming tipping point of the silver economy also points to the need to accelerate professionalisation of the eldercare sector and for businesses to understand the role Gerontologists will play in helping to align business strategies for the ageing consumer demographics. By 2030, 1.8 million or 30% of Singapore’s population will be aged 60 and over. As a country, we have a tremendous opportunity today to lead as frontrunners to demonstrate that ageing is a social and economic opportunity. The impact of the rising ageing population will overlap all sectors of our economy,” said Ms Janice Chia, Founder & Managing Director, Ageing Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore.

SUSS Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival

The first in Asia and Singapore, the inaugural SUSS Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival will be launched at the festival as an anchor event to discover and nurture high-potential innovations for a rapidly greying population in the region, while involving various stakeholders to actively play a part in the gerontology sector.

A key initiative rolled out under the Ngee Ann Kongsi (NAK) Social Impact Hub, established through SUSS with an SGD10 million donation to the university, it will host a pitching challenge for gerontology-focused startups and showcase next-generation geronpreneurship solutions and strategies with SUSS partners. Open to the public, aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome to participate and will be selected by a panel of judges comprising venture capitalists, academics and industry experts in the eldercare sector.

Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, said, “Through the SUSS Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival, we aim to bring more ecosystem players together to inspire and realise greater Geron-technology innovations to build an age-friendly future. SUSS is well-recognised for our leading Gerontology education and research speciality in Singapore among the community and industry. We will continue to deepen our engagements through our teaching and research work with private and public partners to build an inclusive and healthier society and workforce in Singapore.”

World Ageing Festival

The Ageing Asia 2023 – World Ageing Festival (14th Edition) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival will be held from 24 to 25 May 2023 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, along the International Ageing Week in Singapore. The entire festival will showcase key highlights including the 11th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2023, the Active Ageing Seminar and the Ageing Asia Innovation Exhibition that curates the world’s top 100 products that will enable successful ageing – Assistive Living, Home & Community Care, Active Ageing, Technology and Rehabilitation & Wellness.

The inaugural Geronpreneurship Innovation Festival is a key initiative under the Ngee Ann Kongsi (NAK) Social Impact Hub launched by SUSS. Through the NAK Social Impact Hub, SUSS is committed to expand its efforts in identifying and nurturing innovative and sustainable solutions to address complex community and social issues, and build an age-friendly future in Singapore.

With the launch of this festival, SUSS aims to showcase and inspire innovations in gerontology by generating sustainable interest and funding activities for geronpreneurship startups, as well as actively engage various corporate and community stakeholders to play a part in advancing the Gerontology sector. As a university dedicated to learning for life and impacting lives, SUSS has a rich heritage in continuous education and transforming society through its applied teaching and research work as well as extensive partnerships with the community and industry.

The World Ageing Festival, organised by homegrown Singaporean social enterprise, Ageing Asia, along the world’s biggest international ageing week, celebrates global care innovations with 5,000 participants across B2B2C, 100 speakers, 100 exhibitors, 100 products and reach to 50 countries over 5 exciting days. Each year, the platform provides an opportunity for new innovations, product launches and showcases.

In 2023, the theme of “Celebrating Life and Longevity” addresses the mindset shift of new generations of older people who aspire for health, independence, and purpose. The vision of the International Ageing Week by Ageing Asia is to encourage global knowledge exchange, cross-industry collaborations, and sector partnerships to help accelerate the launch of new projects and innovations.

100 Global Eldercare Innovation Speakers including Super Ageing Japan

“Life expectancy in Japan is increasing and our population is ageing rapidly. Currently, Japan's rate of ageing is the highest in the world, and the rate of ageing is predicted to skyrocket also throughout Asian nations. Fukuoka City launched the Fukuoka 100 Project in 2017 involving a wide range of players including residents, companies, and universities, with the aim of creating a sustainable society where people can live as they like even after they turn 100 years old. We are taking on the challenge of becoming a model for the whole of Asia by actively utilising advanced technologies such as AI, IT and big data. I look forward to many people’s participation in the event,” said Opening Keynote Speaker, Ms Yasuko Arase, Deputy Mayor, Fukuoka City, Government of Japan.

“I have participated in the World Ageing Festival by Ageing Asia every year for the past seven years. Here, I learn not "global standards" but "global excellence". Positive inspiration from many ambitious players has accelerated our growth. I look forward to another great opportunity this year and I hope to contribute,” said Chairperson of Japan Innovation Showcase, Dr Jun Sasaki, Founder and Chairman, Yushoukai Medical Corporation, Japan.

Debuting for the first time as an international collaboration outside of Japan with the support of the original restaurant advisor, Mr Yukio Wada, Director & General Manager, Daiki Enzeru Help Co., Ltd, Japan, said, “To everyone out there, we hope that you will take a look at the concept of the ‘Restaurant of Mistaken Orders’ project. This is to build a society that does not let people give up on life even if they suffer from dementia. I am sure you will feel softness toward others.” The event pop-up and subsequent cafe pop-up are organised in partnership with The Salvation Army Peacehaven. “A wonderful opportunity to empower Person Living with Dementia to display their ability and maintain their sense of self-worth,” said Mdm Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, The Salvation Army Peacehaven, Singapore. “We want to keep introducing new models of life for older people, not just care. The World Ageing Festival aims to help spread dementia awareness to help make our society more open-minded and mainstream,” said, Ms Janice Chia, Founder, Ageing Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Social initiatives and contributions by Event Organiser, Ageing Asia

  • Sponsorship of Complimentary Tickets for CEOs of the Charity / Not-for-profit sector in Singapore and 50% off tickets for their teams.
  • Sponsorship of 3,000 Complimentary Tickets for Seniors and limited-edition event goody bags themed ‘Age with Kindness’.
  • Recruitment of 55 Volunteers from ages 24 to 75, including seniors and Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) students. All volunteers will each receive a specially designed event T-shirt and limited-edition event goody bag.
  • Launch of Ageing Asia value for the year, Age with Kindness, in consultation with Singapore Kindness Movement. The Chinese character for Kindness (善) pronounced as (shàn) represents Ageing Asia’s vision for the year, ‘Age with Kindness’. A world where we can find kindness and graciousness in everyone – to extend compassion, consideration, and helpfulness towards others. Together, we strive to build kinder communities that will change the future of ageing in Asia Pacific. Singa, the Kindness Lion will be at the event on 24 May from 8.30am to 10.30am to welcome participants and celebrate. Dr William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement, Singapore, will deliver a speech on Age with Kindness: Inspiring graciousness, one kind act at a time.
  • Sponsorship of paint materials Singapore’s heritage mural artist, Yip Yew Chung, paints live at the World Ageing Festival on 24 May for an auction donation at the Awards Gala Dinner. Proceeds will go towards Senior Art Excursions facilitated by our Cultural Partner, The Private Museum, Singapore, a charity and not-for-profit organisation.
  • Sponsorship of Exhibition Space for Silver Entrepreneurs showcase at the Exhibition featuring three senior businesses – Gold Kimchi, Sylvia’s Lace and Through the Valley: The Art of Living Well and Leaving Well.


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