First-in-the-market fun card game that teaches about blockchain

Singapore, April 28, 2020 – A Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) alumnus has designed a card game to introduce players to the world of blockchain technology in a fun and experiential way, synonymous with SUSS’s educational philosophy of applied learning. Perhaps this circuit breaker period is the best time to learn about the technology and have fun, while everyone stays home.

The game was created by 29-year-old Mr Edwan Chiam, the founder of start-up Hellodime.

“This Hellodime card game was created to address the huge disconnect between the blockchain technology and the public who are not technically savvy. Many people don’t understand the basic concepts. To engage and interest the public, I decided to create a card game instead of the usual self-learning routes of learning through online articles, and video tutorials,” said Mr Chiam, adding that his lecturer Professor David Lee sparked his interest in the field.

Mr Chiam said the response from the community has been amazing.

Approximately 150 people ranging from ages of six to 65-year-old have played the card game. It is also being tested and used as an educational tool to supplement the introduction of blockchain technology such as for Blockchain Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) conducted by Blockchain Association of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic. Other institutes of higher learning have also expressed interest to include the game in their curriculum.

Besides promoting blockchain literacy, this attractively illustrated card game also fosters relationships and encourages bonding through playing with family and friends, especially during this COVID-19 stay-home circuit breaker period. The game is easy to learn and suitable for those ages 12 and above.

Professor David Lee from SUSS Finance Programme said, “The potential for applications of blockchain technology in different industries are boundless and limited only by our knowledge. With the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution and disruption in traditional business models, I am proud of Edwan’s efforts to spread awareness and educate people on this difficult topic. He embodies the University’s belief of providing an inclusive education to all and contributing back to the society.”

Mr Chia Hock Lai, co-chairman of Blockchain Association Singapore, said, “While blockchain is a foundational technology with immense potential, blockchain literacy will be key to unlock its potential for mass adoption. Hellodime makes the learning of basic concepts of blockchain fun and easy, and their innovation will contribute in making Singapore a smart blockchain nation.”

Hellodime card game can be pre-ordered through the website The company plans to launch a digital component of the game in the later half of the year. This supplements the current Hellodime card game and will include additional pedagogies such as blockchain identities and wallets.  

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About Hellodime
Hellodime, the world's first blockchain inspired card game that educates on the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology. By understanding the fundamentals, a whole new dimension awaits . Allow Hellodime to lead you into a new dimension through fun and simplicity. Get started and DIME away. 

For more information on HELLODIME, please visit and check out the explainer video via the Hellodime website or on Hellodime Youtube channel.

Edwan Chiam, Founder of Hellodime
Mr Edwan Chiam graduated from SUSS with a BSc Finance in 2017 and is the founder of Hellodime, the world’s first blockchain-inspired card game that teaches the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology. The core motivation of Hellodime is to lead general audience towards a path of a new dimension where digitalisation and the concept of naïve realism is being gamified into a simplified and engaging manner.

In one of his class titled “Emergence of Fintech”, he met Professor David Lee, who was the Professor of Finance Programme at SUSS’s School of Business, which led to Edwan’s interest in blockchain technology.

Since he graduated from SUSS, Edwan has been working on various blockchain-related projects in the areas of Fintech and Medtech.

He is also actively involved in the local blockchain community where he provides blockchain literacy courses for those in the financial and education sectors as well as various associations.


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