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Global Fintech Institute, NULS, iPreciation and NFTCircle NFT Fundraising Initiative for SUSS NiFT

Singapore, January 7, 2022 — The Global Fintech Institute, NULS, iPreciation and NFTCircle will partner and jointly raise funds for the SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT) through a non-fungible token (NFT) fundraising initiative. The proceeds will be used by NiFT towards financial inclusion for the underserved, the unbanked, and the financially disadvantaged in the region.

This pioneering endeavor aims to raise SGD$50,000 annually and supports NiFT in providing financial assistance to disadvantaged Singaporean students through awards and grants. The items on auction range from digital art, music, digitally-autographed e-books, augmented reality experiences, and physical art pieces as NFT.

iPreciation, as the exclusive arts representative, will liaise with the gallery’s established artists for this event. The auction will be held on NFTCircle and Opensea, the largest NFT Marketplace globally. OxPay will serve as the exclusive payment portal (non-crypto), while NULS will support the global crypto marketing. Crypto payment will be handled within NFTCircle.

Donors can purchase NFTSGD tokens through veri$HOP using fiat currencies. The NFTSGD tokens can be used to bid for a NFT on NFTCircle. All transactions are tracked and traced on blockchain for transparency.

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About the Global FinTech Institute (GFI)

The Global FinTech Institute, headquartered in Singapore, is a global professional credentialing body dedicated to creating greater collaboration, advocacy, ethics and knowledge for all Fintech professionals.

It aims to empower members and the community to leverage FinTech for growth and transformation, through engaging the community in the latest trends, issues and development in FinTech; facilitating collaborations with and knowledge-sharing among regional and international FinTech organisations; promoting best practices and co-developing standards and governance guidelines for the fair use of FinTech and providing education and training to build industry capabilities and groom talents in FinTech.

About SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT)

The SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT) is the "Centre of Excellence" to spearhead all fintech initiatives at the university. A multi-disciplinary centre drawing on expertise from faculty members across SUSS’ five schools, and their collective publications and programmes. The Node for Inclusive Fintech serves to deliver high-quality research, public education, and policy advocacy for inclusivity in the Financial Technology sector for the benefit of society.

In Fintech-speak, a node is a basic unit of a data structure, such as a linked list or tree data structure. Nodes contain data and have linkages to other nodes. The spirit of SUSS in this sphere is inclusivity, subsidiarity, solidarity and contributory, thus deciding to be a node of information, not the central foci. 

For more information on NiFT, please visit  

About iPreciation

Established in 1999, iPRECIATION is a fine art company that showcases the best of modern and contemporary Asian Art. As a herald of the visual arts, iPRECIATION is committed to put forth platforms and propel significant and promising artists to the forefront through successful staging of large-scale exhibitions.

Since its inception, iPRECIATION has given prominence to contemporary Asian art through the installation of quality artworks in public and commercial spaces not only in Singapore but also globally. iPRECIATION, with its proficiency in Chinese, South East Asian and Singapore art, has complemented its gallery business with professional art consultancy services to both individuals and corporations.

About OxPay

OxPay started off as a payments technology and merchant services provider, facilitating payments collection for e-commerce transactions between suppliers, merchants and consumers in Singapore. The Group is focused on servicing merchants in the retail, transportation and food and beverage industries. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, MC Pay Pte. Ltd., which was established in 2005, holds a major payment institution licence in Singapore, and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Payment Services Act 2019. Currently, OxPay has a presence in four countries — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand — with ambitions to become a regional player.

About NULS

NULS is a blockchain built on an infrastructure optimized for customized services through the use of microservices. The NULS blockchain is a public, global, open-source community project. NULS uses the micro-service functionality to implement a highly modularized underlying architecture. By using the technology of our modular warehouse, smart contracts and cross-chain mechanism, in combination with the features of Chain Factory, the development cost of blockchain can be reduced, and the commercial application of blockchain can be accelerated and enhanced. NULS proposes a modularized thinking and multi-chain parallel micro-service architecture, based on the “chain” as the core development concept, to build a “Chain Factory” of core products. NULS enables users to choose their own components for chain-building in a drag and drop style of pluggable functionality.

About NFTCircle

NFTCircle offers a new generation of NFT through visual art with ARTMYN, Tradetrust and veriSECURE for the art ecosystem. It is the pinnacle of development from veriTAG which has been very focus in its development- veriTAG, veriHUB, veri$HOP, Tradetrust, veriSECURE, Ubin and NFTCircle. Each are developed based on real market need and each reinforce each other to create a better solution. veriTAG serves as key foundation for product tracking and traceability. veriHUB help merchants to export to China. veriSHOP brings the customer into the ecosystem. Ubin add the cryptocurrency marketplace. Tradetrust provide blockchain traceability on certificates and documentation which are used in veriHUB. veriSECURE add IOT (GPS and temperature) tracking to veriTAG. And finally NFTCircle, bring in all the above elements to enable any physical arts to become NFT tradeable any place.

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