St Luke’s Hospital and SUSS Launch First Caregiver Wound Care Micro E-learning Course

Caregivers can now pick up the basic know-hows of prevention and management of pressure injuries in the comfort of their home and on-the go.

Understanding the needs of individuals who care for family members with pressure injuries, the inaugural micro e-learning course, comprising topics such as "Understanding Pressure Injuries", "Preventive Strategies" and "Management and Treatment of Injuries", were specially curated to provide comprehensive care management for caregivers. Each topic contains a series of one-minute reads, short video clips and quizzes so that caregivers can quickly pick up the basics of pressure injury management.

Singapore’s first micro e-learning course on pressure injury for caregivers is a joint partnership between St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Launched at the 15th Annual Wound Conference organised by SLH on 11 March 2022, the course on SUSS UniLEARN1 online learning platform will provide a one-stop educational resource where caregivers can easily access wound care knowledge anytime, anywhere and whenever they need it.

By taking an upstream approach, SLH and SUSS hope to empower caregivers with the know-how to better prevent and care for pressure injuries, improving patient outcomes and reduce pressure injury-related hospital admissions, comorbidity and mortality.

“It is common to see patients being admitted for late-stage pressure injuries resulting from being in the same position for long hours. One possible cause might be, caregivers may not know that inactivity can attribute to the occurrence of pressure injury,” says Yvonne Lau, Deputy Director, St Luke’s Community Wound Centre and St Luke’s Academy. “With the new module, we hope to equip caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to provide a continuum of care for their loved ones at home. This will help prevent the onset or worsening of pressure injuries. Concurrently, it will also reduce caregivers’ stress with highercompetency to administer care. Overall, it will improve the psycho-emotional well-being for everyone in the family.”

A pressure injury is an area of injured skin that happens when force is applied on the skin's surface. This force can be a constant pressure on an area of skin or a dragging force between the skin and another surface. Pressure injuries usually happen over bony parts of the body (hips, heels, tailbone, elbows, head and ankles) and can become life-threatening if it advances to a deep wound or becomes infected.

According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s National Survey of Senior Citizens 2011, 2.1% of Singapore’s population aged 75 years old and above are bedridden or require total physical assistance. This is compared to 0.2% of their 65 – 74-year-old counterparts and 0.3% of those 55 – 64.2 As the Singapore population ages, it is expected that more people will likely be totally dependent on caregivers to take care of their health and daily activities.

People who are bed- or chair-bound have a higher risk of developing pressure injury due to long hours spent in the same position.

In preparation to meet the ageing population's needs to build up the capabilities of healthcare professionals in Singapore, SLH is an appointed Learning Institute by Agency for Integrated Care to support the community care sector. Wound care, including pressure injury, is one of its focus areas. In constant pursuit of a higher efficiency course delivery mode, SLH launched its first e-learning module for healthcare professionals with SUSS UniLEARN in April 2021 to enable more to access and upgrade wound care learnings during the current pandemic.

Associate Professor Lee Wee Leong, Vice-President (Learning Services) of SUSS, said, “SUSS is privileged to partner SLH to build capabilities for the community care sector and caregivers through our e-learning expertise. As one of the leading pioneers in online learning committed to inspiring lifelong learning that creates an impact for the greater good, this initiative is a natural step for us. It underscores our commitment in giving back to the community.”

Interested caregivers and healthcare professionals can visit for more information and to register for the respective wound care courses.


1 To date, SUSS UniLEARN has partnered with 17 external organisations in the social service sector to develop over 40 social courses on its platform. Over 20,000 learners have benefitted from these social courses, which equipped them with relevant knowledge and skills to understand, manage and address the various social issues confronting society.





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Impactful and innovative in transforming community care, we were the first recipient of the President’s Award for Social Impact (2012), and the first community hospital to receive the National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal (National University Hospital – St Luke’s Hospital Integrated Care Path, 2016). We topped the Community Hospital Patient Experience Survey in 2018.

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SUSS UniLEARN is an e-learning initiative by the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) focused on making a positive social impact in our community.

Consistent with SUSS’ mission to inspire lifelong learning and transform society through applied social sciences, UniLEARN helps individuals develop personal skills and competencies to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

We partner like-minded non-profit organisations and social advocates to offer online learning to employees, volunteers, and individuals who want to lead change and engage in social action for the common good.

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Annex A

Pressure Injury Management for Caregivers  

This is a micro-learning course designed for family caregivers who are caring for their elderly family members, and individuals who are interested to learn more about managing pressure injuries. 

The 60-min course comprising of topics such as ‘Understanding Pressure Injuries’, ‘Preventive Strategies’ and ‘Management and Treatment of Injuries’ is delivered through bite-size sessions comprising a series of 1-minute reads, short video clips and quizzes, so that the caregiver can easily pick up the basics of pressure injury management while on-the-go. 

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define what pressure injuries are
  • Outline why it is important to manage pressure injuries
  • List and compare the different pressure injury stages
  • Apply simple strategies to prevent pressure injuries
  • Utilise dressing to manage basic pressure injuries

The course is priced at S$53.50 (including GST) and interested learners can learn more and sign up for the course at

Basic Wound Care Course 

This first e-course on Basic Wound Care was launched in April 2021 on the SUSS UniLEARN platform. Designed for registered nurses, enrolled nurses and nursing aides to expand their knowledge and skills in caring holistically for their patients, the 16-hour course consists of 4 modules – comprising a total of 12 hours of self-directed e-learning and 4 hours of facilitated Zoom /webinar sessions.

The course starts with a recall of the anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system to a detailed assessment of ageing skin, exploring the common skin conditions plaguing the elderly patients and finally rounding off with exploring the different prevention methods/ products commonly used.

On completion of the course, participants are equipped to:

  • Describe relevant knowledge and skills to provide skin care and maintenance of skin health for patients.
  • Describe evidence-based care in assessment, prevention and management of pressure injury.
  • Distinguish between the available wound care products.
  • Apply tips and techniques learnt to provide holistic wound care for patients.

Priced at $363.80 (including GST), 143 learners have successfully completed the e-training since the launch of the course as of February 2022.

For more information about the course, visit

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