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SUSS partners social organisations to develop online courses and create a new platform for training

SUSS partners social organisations to develop online courses and create a new platform for training in the social services sector

  • Fifteen social courses developed on SUSS UniLEARN platform
  • 1,500 learners have benefitted from this UniLEARN experience, which equipped them with relevant knowledge and skills

Singapore, Nov 28, 2019 – Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) has partnered with nine organisations in the social services sector to develop 15 social courses on SUSS UniLEARN[1] platform, an e-learning initiative by SUSS for the community. The partners are involved in a wide spectrum of social services from autism to dyslexia, healthcare education, counselling and intervention services.

The university organised its first UniLEARN Forum on Thursday, November 28, at Enabling Village for the partners to share on experiences, insights and best practices.

Through the collaborations, SUSS helps organisations reach out to, and train, their target learners more efficiently and cost-effectively by co-developing, designing and offering their courses online. SUSS provides expertise and experience in andragogy, e-learning and e-course design, while the partnering social service organisations offer domain knowledge on their specific areas of social concern.

“The social services sector will now have a new online platform one-stop convenient training and networking opportunities. Created by SUSS and adopted by social organisations, UniLEARN will enable like-minded groups to create public awareness about various social issues through this platform. This facility will in turn create opportunities for sharing of ideas, engagement, networking and collaboration to build a vibrant community that delivers social impact. This initiative underscores the commitment of SUSS, with its focus on the social sciences, to nurturing social consciousness and understanding in our learners, and instilling in them a passion for the community,” said Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SUSS.

Through customisable short online courses, over 1,500 learners were equipped with the knowledge to understand, manage and address the various social issues confronting society today.

“This collaboration has resulted in new opportunities for dyslexia and special educational needs training in Singapore. We are now able to spread dyslexia awareness beyond traditional classroom walls and beyond the shores of Singapore, helping even more dyslexics achieve their full potential. SUSS’s meticulous and effective management of the project, coupled with structured guidance and professional advice, has resulted in the launch of our first e-course in very quick time. Beyond being a project partner, SUSS is dedicated to the cause of dyslexia,” said Ms June Siew, Head of Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Academy.

“The long training curriculum required of a SOS hotline volunteer may be a deterrence topotential volunteers. This partnership with SUSS to incorporate Blended Learning into our training curriculum helps to reduce physical classroom lectures, and provide flexibility to volunteers who may access and revisit course materials at their own pace. Blended Learning also allows training facilitators to have more in-class time to focus on role-plays and honing the skills required for 24-hour Hotline,” said Ms Wong Lai Chun, Senior Assistant Director of SOS.

At the forum, participants scanned a QR code and tried a demonstration course on Marital First Responder, which received positive feedback.

For media queries and interviews, please contact:

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Senior PR Manager
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About the Singapore University of Social Sciences

SUSS is a university with a rich heritage in providing lifelong, learner-centric and industry relevant education. Our mission is to champion lifelong education to develop future thinkers and leaders to their fullest potential through our 3H’s education philosophy – ‘Head’ for professional competency with applied knowledge, ‘Heart’ for social awareness of the needs of the society, and ‘Habit’ for passion towards lifelong learning.

We offer more than 70 undergraduate and graduate programmes, available in full- and part-time study modes which are flexible, modular and multi-faceted in learning experience to cater to both fresh school leavers and adult learners. We also launched a broad range of continuing education and training modular courses for the professional skills and knowledge upgrading of our workforce.

Our programmes and courses are made available through our five schools:

  • S R Nathan School of Human Development
  • School of Business
  • School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences
  •  School of Law
  •  School of Science and Technology
To date, over 30,000 graduates have chosen SUSS as their university of choice. Each year, about 15,000 students are pursuing their full- and part-time studies with us.

From 1 April 2019, the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) became an autonomous institute of SUSS. Both entities enable a synergistic collaboration as IAL brings to SUSS its expertise and experience in adult learning and Continuing Education and Training (CET), while SUSS provides an ecosystem of resources and experts rooted in academic rigour.

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[1] Background Information of UniLEARN

SUSS UniLEARN is an e-learning initiative by SUSS for the community, with an emphasis on social concerns in our society.

In-line with SUSS’ mission to provide lifelong education that equips learners to serve society, UniLEARN’s mission is to build a vibrant online learning community that delivers social impact.

Through this online platform, SUSS aims to promote deeper understanding of the various social issues confronting our society today, and evoke in the hearts of our learners, greater empathy for the disadvantaged and a desire to bring about positive change.

Our Partnerships

SUSS work with partners who have similar social mission concerns, to offer full online or blended e-learning courses to the public, volunteers and those who work in related fields.

SUSS UniLEARN's partners are primarily organisations that want to educate the community in various areas of social concern and who are looking to provide customised short online courses for their target learners.

Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES) – co-development of online course to train educators, professionals and stakeholders in the area of early childhood for creating an inclusive society. Course developed:

  1. AECES Code of Ethics

Autism Resource Centre (ARC) – co-development of online course to help front-line staff working in the service industry as well as the wider community develop greater awareness and empathy for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Course developed:

  1. Understanding Autism

AWWA – co-development of online courses for volunteers as part of the on-boarding
orientation programme. The online courses help to educate and provide guidelines for the volunteers prior to interaction with the beneficiaries in the community. Courses developed:

  1. Working with Children with Special Needs
  2. Working with Families in Crisis
  3. Working with Seniors

Dyslexia Association of Singapore Academy (DAS) – co-development of online course to create awareness for dyslexia and outreach to individuals, family members, caregivers, professional educators and the wider community. Course developed:

  1. Certificate in Understanding Dyslexia

HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI) – co-development and delivery of online caregivers skills guide for the public. Course developed:

  1. Tube Feeding

NUS Mind Science Centre, National University Health System (NUHS) and Stroke Support Station (S3) – multi-agency collaboration to develop and deliver an online community-based health-care education (known as the Aging Well Everyday (AWE) programme) to train and certify volunteers to train the wider community to serve the elderly. Courses developed:

  1. Lifestyle Management I
  2. Lifestyle Management II
  3. Depression
  4. Stroke
  5. Caregiving
  6. Dementia

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) – co-development of online course to train volunteers on providing emotional support to those in crisis, thinking about suicide or affected by suicide. Course developed:

  1. SOS Volunteer Training Programme

SUSS SR Nathan School of Human Development – co-development of online course(available in both English and Chinese) to enable participants to learn about their role asMarital First Responders (MFR) and equip them with core skills to communicate effectively with confiders to guide them to resolve their own marital conflicts. This course is supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Course developed:

  1. Marital First Responders
For more information on SUSS UniLEARN, please visit:
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