Address by Prof Cheong Hee Kiat at the Gift Agreement signing of Ang Yew Shen study award

Address By Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) at Gift Agreement signing, 28 Jan 2022, Ang Yew Shen Study Award


We have had good number of signings in this room for gifting to Endowment Fund.

This one is special.

The past donors were well-wishers, individuals, families, business owners, philanthropists, organisations with one common feature – they all share our purpose & vision – uplifting people and society by giving opportunities to university education, especially for those who have gone to work first and missed out on an early degree.  And we are very grateful to them – every connection with us, every gift counts and give us encouragement and energy.

This morning is special because we have our own alumus giving a significant donation to our Endowment Fund. Yew Shen donated $50,000 to establish the Ang Yew Shen Study Award which will benefit one full-time School of Business final year student annually.

There has been giving by graduates. In the early days, we encouraged our convocation award recipients to give some or all of their cash prizes to help future students. Today, we have Class Giving when each cohort of graduates is encouraged to give as a class. And, we welcome all of these.

I was told that Yew Shen had to work a 13-hour full-time job while studying for his degree. Despite this, he did very well, and also helped out in our orientations as our ambassador.  As the oldest sibling in his family, his biggest motivation was to provide a better life for his family and a positive influence on his siblings.  Mr and Mrs Ang, you can be very proud of your son, so also his siblings and loved ones.

We are proud of him, too.  We welcome his donation but even more, we welcome the spirit he represents – of grit, determination, giving to others. We welcome his example to other SUSS alumni to contribute back to their university alma mater.  As more alumni give, SUSS will become stronger and more students will find a helping hand so they can concentrate on their studies. And, after they graduate, give to others following their footsteps.

Thank you. 

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